Friday, November 7, 2014

Washing State Quilt Show

In the last post, I mentioned that 
we went to the Washington State Quilt Show
in Spokane ~ now a couple weeks ago.
Before we hop into details and pictures,
I have to say, "This was probably one of it not the
nicest quilt show I have attended."
There were quilt police
so that food and drink were kept completely out of the areas
where quilts and vendors were.
There were volunteers with cotton gloves to answer questions
and show the backs of quilts
if one desired to see them.
In all it was said that there were about 500 volunteers.
The quilts were displayed nicely and by category
which aided in viewers choice voting.  
That was just the quilts.
I haven't even made it to the vendors yet.
They were wonderful as well.
It took us the better part of a day just to make it 
around to see all of them.
I didn't get too out of control.
I did find a couple pieces of fabric 
to go with some I already had so I can
get going on a project.
My weakness is books~
These two in particular. 
"When the Cold Wind Blows" and "Autumn Splendor."
Both include lots of hand stitching of course.
And on that note, I will admit to being fully biased.
I prefer hand-stitching over machine-stitching.
This was my favorite in the whole show.
It wasn't a ribbon winner, but it had 'something.'
Those little yoyos were about 1/4"-3/8".
These shaped yoyos were maybe 1/2".

The artistry of this one was fabulous.
An obvious ribbon winner.
 Sorry this is a little out of focus.
The quilt was up high for me as I am a bit vertically challenged.
Then a couple of old tops that I just liked.
I love the secondary 4-leaf clover that this pattern made.
Below, a true make-do top. 
Can you see where they pieced within the strips
to make them long enough?
If you are in the Pacific Northwest next October,
I would strongly suggest visiting this quilt show.

It's amazing how the standards and quality of a show
or event of any sort seems to resonate
and be both seen and felt throughout.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Those are both great books.
    I like this version of Robert’s Floral Garden.

  2. Now I have to look and see what the other versions are like:) I really like the tedious little basket one.

  3. both books are very tempting must resist. That is a real beauty the first quilt and good to see all the close up of the detail, love seeing quilts from the shows

  4. Joeylea, I am not able to use my email right now...got hacked. Just wanted to answer your ? about trailers. I use Command products, they work great in my trailer, Driving Ms. Daisy. It's a velcro product and I use them for pictures, or hooks for hats and even for heavy stuff. Hope you will post about your new trailer when you start your decorating.....have fun.

  5. Those are some beautiful quilts you shared! I also like the top one best.... AND understand about books being a weakness :)

    Thank you for sharing each week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! I know that time is precious so I wanted to say I appreciate it very much :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    We are still visiting with family and our next batch of guests will arrive next week so I apologize that I wasn't able to do much "visiting" lately...