Saturday, February 28, 2015

Uses for Pine Needles

As I was lighting the fire this evening,
I threw in a bunch of dried pine needles.
For just a moment,
you could have seen the hint of a smile as
I thought ~
pine needles are so useful
and for so many things.

They are a fabulous source of vitamin C.
Every so often I break one up for in my tea
or if I am out puttering around,
I will just nibble on one.
Of course, winter decor is fond of pines
and other greens.
That's just while green.
They are equally useful when dry.

There tend to be an abundance of them available
wherever there is even a single pine tree.
On occasion, a small branch will break and fall.
Around here, those get tossed in with the firewood
When winter comes,
they make starting a fire a cinch.
They are great to use in the chickens' nest boxes
with a couple handfuls of wood shavings.
The chickens don't seem to scatter them 
like they do straw.
Pine needles also make great path covers.
Where a path is worn and becomes muddy,
a thick layer of these really seems to help.
And, they aren't slick like wet straw.
If added to compost,
they are acidic so ask a professional first
and/or know the ph of your soil.
There are certain plants that do thrive on acidic soil.

One other side note:
If you do have pine trees or if you visit a friend with one,
don't park under them.
In addition to pinecones falling, they "rain."
Mostly in the summer months or warmer weather.
They emit a very fine mist
that is actually sap (resin.)
It can be difficult to wash off your car if you don't do it right away.

Do you have pine trees/needles around your place?
If so, do you use them & for what?

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. I love the baskets that some tribes make with them.

  2. We have very few pines in our area, but lots of cedar, hemlock and fir, all with short needles. But I do love the smell when I walk in the forest. - Margy

  3. You are a wealth of information, girl! I love all the things I learn from you! I have used them as fire starters, I wish we had some on our property, hubby tried to plant some but they needed more water than just the rain. He planted them on scab farm ground, hoping that would be enough, but it wasn't. We were always going to plant some in our yard, but never did...maybe we can this spring!

  4. We don'e have pine trees around our place and too bad, I like the idea of the chicken nesting boxes :)