Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Funny Easter Story

This little story begins many years ago
in the country outside of a small rural town.
There lived a family who worked a dairy.
In addition to the cows, 
there were chickens, rabbits, dogs
and a billy goat that was the pet of the little boy.
This was the typical rural family:
father, mother, daughter, and son.
One Easter Sunday,
there was another family,a city family, that came to visit 'the farm'
and have Easter dinner.
They were all looking forward to the day.
Upon arrival, the son of the city family
raced out of the car and asked to see the rabbits.
Son of the rural family obliged
and asked what the excitement was all about.
The other boy exclaimed earnestly,
"I want to see if the bunnies laid any Easter eggs."
The farm boy then called him stupid
and informed him that rabbits do not lay eggs.
There may have been a bit of a scuffle at this point.
The farm boy proceeded to get in trouble.
It rather put a damper on the excitement of the day.

That is just one of the stories my grandmother tells of my father.
Dad will still respond, "Stupid kid."
My dad is not a mean person, just factual.

Dad was one of those kids who kept life exciting.
There are many many more, but I thought this one was fitting
for the season.
It does awaken one to the marketing that the American industry adopts.
Why isn't it the Easter chicken if we are to use their eggs?
And, why not a cross rather than eggs & bunnies?
It's a bit perplexing if you ask me.
Regardless, the family story still brings a laugh.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches 


  1. LOL, how funny. Everyone knows the chicken lays the eggs that the bunny collects and colors before hiding! :)

  2. Hey, Kathy, you're not callin' anyone stupid; are you? lol

    LL, the eggs and chicks and bunnies (all fertility symbols) are all just more signs of how paganism has crept into "Christianity."

  3. That is a funny story! I was taught that the bunnies, eggs, and chicks were all symbols of new life, that reminded us of the new life that we can have because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. With my own children we have tried to combine those ideas. As a child, my mother made us Easter Dresses, and I have purchased or made my daughters "Spring Dresses" that they usually wore before Easter Sunday. That way the "newness" of the dress was not a focus on Easter Sunday. We also have set out the Easter Baskets on the Friday night before and our easter egg hunts have been on Saturday before. That way, Easter Sunday is focused on the Savior, His life, His ministry, His crucifixion and His Resurrection and the importance of that event in our lives every single day of the year. I think I want to do a post about this! It feels right! thanks for sharing your family story! it has brought back many Easer Memories for me!