Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Give a Guy a Tractor - Follow up

It's been a while since I did the post


and now...
after a little over a year and a half later,
we have underground sprinklers.
It's difficult to see the sprinklers going during mid-day.
Hubby took this picture yesterday - evening.
There's grass seed down,
now we just have to keep it wet & wait for it to grow.
Yes, we are those kinds of folks who
find it exciting to watch the grass grow.
Again, nothing seems to happen over night around here
so it feels good when a project gets finished-up.
We tend to do these types of projects ourselves
and as we can pay for them,
so we don't expect to have things done by yesterday.
This was Mr. LB's project, and it will be so nice
not to have to drag hoses all over that big ol' yard.
Thank you, Love:)

In the above linked post,
the tree that the trailer is tied up to is going to come out.
I will show you what's going on there when we get to that.
I have a hard time saying okay to cutting down a tree
so there is usually a really good reason for it.
That tree happens to have a crook in it.
If it toppled, it would land on our shop.
Also, we will be able to park the rigs back there and still move.

For the time being,
I'm just grateful for a watered yard.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Good luck with your new grass, It would be nice to have underground sprinklers :)

    1. Grass always grows so well in the garden & flower beds - we'll see if it will do as well where it's supposed to be:)

  2. the springlers will make life so much easier for you both and so much time to do other things rather than hosing. Trust grass comes along quickly and the seeds do not get eaten by the birds

    1. Glad you stopped by:) I think hubby actually likes 'playing' with the sprinklers now.

  3. Your property is just beautiful! I also have a hard time cutting down trees. Hubby and I actually have "meetings" before anything is chopped. It just makes for a better marriage :) He tore one out with the tractor the other day (it was hindering our garage space) and my only consolation is fire wood. And did you say "rigs"... I grew up in a small trucking business :) Yes, ODOT reports and all! Have a wonderful week~~

    1. How funny. I never really thought about the vernacular. Yep, rigs. Also trucks have 18 wheels and pick-ups have 4 or 6. Is that one the same out there?
      And yes, hubby will say "I have something for you to think about. I know it's not easy, but 1 of these 5 trees needs to come out." This of course followed by discussion. When I consent, he wastes no time getting the chainsaw out before I change my mind:)

    2. Yes, yes, Kenworths, Internationals and Freightliners... All the same! I know it all too well... And our tree conversation is exactly the same and the quick action happens here too!

  4. You are going to love this. I bit the bullet a few years ago and had a friend put in a sprinkler system and it has been a Godsend! I have about an acre of grass and it was a lot of work to water...and with working, I never really was able to keep it green. One side bonus was now all my trees are looking so much greener and are growing great. Who knew?

  5. I just wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for your excellent comment. Thank you for being a part of that discussion!

    After a terribly rainy spring, we are now faced with climbing temps, no rain, and drying soil. I love your sprinkler system!