Monday, May 18, 2015

The Slow Quilt Movement

Eleanor Burns is fabulous,
but I just don't do quilt in a day.
I'm lucky if I make a quilt in a year.

A short while back,
I posted a quick pix of a few blocks I was working on.

Then Kathy asked, "So what are you making?"
Great question.
I follow quilt patterns about as well as I follow recipes.
I make them my own size and do the math myself.
I did find the pattern I am using though.

I'm not much of a pink person so I decided to make it more
This is Fons and Porter June 2014 issue.
My blocks are a little smaller then what they call for,
but I'm making the same pattern (design.)
That's good for me.
It takes me so long to make it through a quilt, 
I don't really think about it until I'm ready to put it together.
My reason for quilting isn't because we need more blankets for winter, 
and I don't need instant gratification
so I'm not really worried about getting one finished in a day.
It's my therapy. 
I enjoy the process.
The methodic rhythm of cutting, piecing, and the needle and thread.
I usually have one machine quilt to work on
and one hand project to work on.
I'm still working on the Cathedral Window by hand.
About 1/3 of it is one big piece and the rest in strips
so it's getting there.
This one is my machine quilt.
It too will get there eventually:)

Does anybody else quilt this way?

Until next time,
Nimble Finger and Even Sticthes  


  1. I like Eleanor Burns too, but I just am not in that big a rush. I have a Grandmother's Flower Garden that may or may not be finished in my lifetime. There are a couple of zip bags full of pieces - some just cut out and some partially machine sewn. And a couple of tops waiting for backing and batting. For me it is about the pleasure of sewing and not in the final tally of how many quilts I have made. Quilt making is far cheaper than therapy. And probably does a person more good.

  2. Girl, these are beautiful squares! I am crazy like you, do my own thing, usually wishing I had found a pattern, only to do the same thing again next project. I always want to tweak something for it to be just what I want. I usually have an event I am sewing a quilt for. Is, baby, child going to college, something like that. Since I also procrastinate most things, I always wish I had started earlier. The one quilt that I took years to make, I did enjoy the process more. But , it was also in the middle of an anxiety time for me and many of the hours I hand quilted it were in the middle of the night when I wasn't able to sleep. I do think the rhythm of the stitching while listening to calm music or scripture helped me focus on something creative outside of myself. It was not easy for me to do, but I do think it was a help. I might just try to do something for Fun! Working on a Crazy quilt purse for fun now. No, not the vgold and blue one with the picture of the girl on it. A different green and taupe and sand one... With a bird embroidered on it! I need a small purse for while I am here in Germany!

    1. I hope you share:) And in Germany again? Didn't you just get back a few months ago. (or was that England?) My rememberer isn't always what it should be.

  3. It's beautiful! Love your color choices and the overall design.

  4. I've never quilted anything, but I do love them. I just learned how to sew on my old Singer that was my great grandmother's about 3 years ago, so maybe one day ;)

    I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It's never easy.


    1. Old Singers are gems. (I have my g-gma's too:) They have a fantastic stitch. I bet you could whip up some gingham napkins for in that gorgeous kitchen of yours.

  5. You are so talented and I love your blog, it's pretty here! Sewing has never been my strong point but it's possible I might try and see what I can do one day. Mending is about as far as I have branched. I like this pattern, the detail is sweet.
    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Mending is nowhere near as much fun as sewing. (I say mend is a four letter word:) If you've not sewn before, start with something like a skirt. I have to go check out your blog. I have a brown thumb, but I keep working on it.

  6. This is exactly how I quilt! I have named myself the "wing-it" quilter because I very rarely use patterns {unless it's a new, complicated one} and I just make things up as I go along. I struggle with accuracy, but my quilts always end up just how I want them. I'm currently jumping between machine and hand on the same project - a churn dash star quilt for our master bed.

    1. Woohoo! Yeah for rebels:) I like the old patterns when you mix them up a bit - yours sound lovely. Will you be sharing?

  7. Beautiful pattern, and nice colors. I think I'm lucky if I make a quilt in two years !!
    Because I'm doing so many things.