Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Are You Ready for January?

Are you there?
How are you doing?
Holding up okay?
(Mr. LB took this photo last weekend.)

The tree is down.
The lights and decorations are all boxed up.
Company has left.
The days are short, and nights are looming.
And the bills will begin arriving soon.
January is said to be the most depressing of months for several reasons.
We are experiencing the longest nights of the year.
So what can we do?
Here are just a few ideas.
SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a very real thing - even among children.
The 'natural light' light bulbs are helpful.
I call them happy lights - to keep SAD away:)
Face the light ~ be it a window or lamp, get that light.
We have spent the last month on a sugar high 
from the cookies and cocoa to the wine with dinner.
What goes up must come down.
Be sure to eat your greens.
I'm talking green beans, dark leaf lettuces, brussels sprouts, chards, etc.
Move! Get outside.
Take a walk, shovel snow, go ice skating, whatever it takes
to get some of that fresh air in your lungs.
Exercise is one of the best mood lifters, boredom busters,
and health builders there is - and it's free.
Missing the family/friends?
Write them a letter.
I know, I hear you saying, "A what?"
Really though, not a novel or even a multi-pager.
Just write a note stating how much you enjoyed the visit,
the yams just the way you like them, seeing the kids, etc.
It appears to be for the recipient, but it's actually a very healthy
thing you can do for yourself.
It's win-win.
Bills.  Oh yea, those things.
Hopefully you were mindful and didn't go too wild.
Either way, look at your finances.
Plot, plan, and set goals.
This might sound like a funny thing to do, but 
I like to set 2 goals:
one is very realistic and attainable
the other is more of an 'if we can swing it' sort of number.
Usually, we hit somewhere between the two numbers
which is still better than the minimum.
Just having the knowledge of what is owed
and what your plan is will alleviate a great deal of stress,
thus the saying "fear of the unknown." 
And lastly,  the longer evenings allow me to stitch 
so I actually look forward to January.
Whether your hobby is reading, doing jig-saw puzzles, or checking your
dentures for cavities, consider this your retreat time.
It won't be long before we are starting seeds
and putting together our project lists for the warmer months ahead.
Remember all the times you uttered the words,
"if only I had a little more time to ____."
Here it is.

~Just trying to help keep us all healthy and happy~

*Happy New Year*

Note: I am not a doctor of any kind.  This is meant as information only.
You are responsible for yourself and your decisions. 
If you are in need of help either medical or mental, please seek it from a professional. 

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. I cover most situations from Thanksgiving on with the words BAH! HUMBUG! lol

  2. Hi, I am ready for January and a new year. Hopefully better then the last. My Christmas present was have all three of the kids and grandsons there with me. My oldest flew in Christmas Eve. We had our first snow, but we have such horrible flooding in South Missouri. It is something else. I have been doing quite a lot of stitching since I lost my independence until I get a car back after my accident. I have enjoyed catching up with you. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  3. lots of ideas here I should certainly take up the exercise one, had a shock when I stood on the scales, no wonder the clothes are tight have put on a stone! Happy new year to you both

  4. Yes, hopefully 2016 is a better year! We are flooded in right now but water levels are receding and we will hopefully get out of our area by Friday or Saturday. Fortunately we don't use credit cards so no Christmas bills to come, it's always nice. We still have the tree and decorations up and will probably keep them up another week. My son is flying in from Seattle in a week or two so we'll have a belated Christmas with him.

  5. We same our vacations for the winter to visit sunny places. That helps combat the SAD effects. I love the snow picture. We get a little bit of snow, but not enough to stick for long and only a few times each year. Happy New Years to you. - Margy

  6. WOW! What a photo! Thanks for the great suggestions too. Winter can be harder on some people more than others (I'm one that has a difficult time). Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop as well. I hope we see you again this Wednesday.

  7. Love your suggestions, Girl!
    I have been exercising and eating better, that sugar really takes it out of me. trying to eat better and feel better. Gorgeous winter where you are! I love your mountains!

  8. Hmm. You've got me wondering if holiday sugar withdrawal has anything to do with post holiday depression. I know it would be an exclusive cause, but I wonder if it doesn't contribute.

    I find that as I trim my expectations and doings, it's even keel on through January and beyond.