Monday, December 21, 2015

Our Tree Has No Lights (& a mini tour)

Christmas is at our house this year.
Last year we were the ones to travel
so didn't do any decorating, tree, anything.
Since this year it's here, 
we went and found a nice little tree last weekend.
There were several 'bottoms' along side the road
where people had chopped down a tree then 'topped' it.
We also found several that people just topped.
That kinda gripes me.
We decided to stop and get one of the bottoms along side the road
to use for boughs and such.
One of our little traditions is lighting the candles on the tree 
Christmas eve, but we usually have lights as well.
This tree is so simple,
I decided we would just have the candles and a few select ornaments.
I have several sheep ornaments and since we are the lambs...
We don't leave them unattended.
Usually, we sit a watch them burn for a little bit and chit-chat quietly.
Our unfinished mantel has lots of boughs and a few simple splashes of red.
Instead of our regular stockings, I just hung a pair of old wool socks
that are in need of some darning.

The nativity scene where the TV used to be.
And a simple candle with pine always seems comforting.

Wishing you all many happy Christmas blessings.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Any idea what kind of fir it is? The needles look too long for a Fraser.

    1. It's just a little white fir. I only knew it as a 'pissfir' for most of my life (excuse the vulgarity please) and only within the last decade did I figure out it had any other name - probably one of those regional slangs.

    2. No doubt it is. I've heard Colorado Blue Spruce referred to as "piss spruce," too, and for the same reason. I only used one for a Christmas tree one time. NEVER AGAIN!

  2. Beautiful tree and Christmas decorations! I love the lamb ornaments too. The fluffy one reminds me of a gift for my youngest that will be in her stocking. I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas!

  3. your decorations look lovely and the house must have the most wonderful smell of pine. I do not have a tree, I have 3 nativity sets, a hardanger angel and have put an embroidery of the angel coming to tell the shepherds of the birth of Jesus. Have others but afraid they are under the spare bed!

  4. I love your Christmas decor. The tree is my favorite kind, really shows off ornaments. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Nicely decorated. Merry Christmas.

  6. I love your Christmas decorations and your minimalist tree! Featuring you at this week's Clever Chicks Blog Hop! Thank you for sharing!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick®