Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why Harvest Mullein?

Have you harvested your mullein yet?
I can hear you through your computer~
Harvested my mullein? Huh? What?
You didn't misread that.
I usually keep a few leaves of dehydrated mullein on the shelf.
Some time back, I ran across it and figured since I haven't even had a cold in over three years, it was safe to get rid of it.
It grows plentifully around these parts and is also affectionately referred to as fisherman's toilet paper due to it's soft "furry" leaves.

Shortly after Mr. LB returned from Alaska,
he came down with what I call the post-flying crud.
It's that cold you get from breathing recirculated germs on the plane.
And of course, I had pitched the mullein.
I did make him some tea from the fresh leaves,
but the dried leaves seem to work better.
Mullein (according to my research - see disclosure) is a natural expectorant.
Mullein tea consumed 2-3 times per day helps break up
the phlegm and mucus that clog the system when fighting a cold.
It is important to strain it through a coffee filter or cotton cloth
to remove the 'hairs' since they can cause further irritation to the throat if consumed.
I am now dehydrating more mullein to keep on the shelf.
I suppose it's one of those things that is easier to have and not need
than to need and not have.


And now for the fancy disclosure:
It's actually sad that this is even necessary.
I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or medical professional of any kind.  What we do in our household is based on the research we have done and what we deem appropriate.  We are not suggesting that you do the same.  You are responsible for the decisions regarding your health and wellness.  We are not responsible for any decision you make.  So to clarify, I am responsible for me.  You are responsible for you.  
Whew, glad that's over with.


  1. Thanks for the information. Bummer about the disclaimer. No-one can idiot-proof anything anyway, but we have to make the effort or we can get sued.

  2. I know those leaves but I don't think we call it that where I live- if it is the plant that I am thinking of.

  3. We had some mullein growing and I was so excited! And when I kept on sleuthing with all the botanical details, it turned out my variety is only good for deterring roaches :( The non-medicinal one... But at least it is pretty! :)

  4. I have Moth Mullen. what kind do you use in your article?

  5. I had to look up the scientific name: Verbascum thapsus. Honestly, I didn't know there was any other kind. Now I need to look up "moth mullein" to see the difference. I love learning this sort of thing. Thank you.

    1. PS~ Your's gets prettier flowers than what we have:) Interesting.

  6. Hello!!
    My Dad died suddenly of a heart attack at 67 years old. My Mom was collecting Social Security but still worked part time, every morning for 4-5 hours. It was the biggest regret of her life because he last day she worked was the day my Dad died, found by my sister and I , That day I had to go to the place of my Mother's employment to tell her that the love of her life was gone. She never returned to work and was never the same. Her biggest regret was not retiring when my Dad did because they never got to spend any of that time together. She felt robbed of that and always told me to take advantage of retirement as soon as I can because no one knows what the future holds.
    I am a cancer survivor with numerous other health issues and I pray that I make it working to 62 years old. Most of my Dad's family died before they hit 70. My Mom's mother died at 62 years of age of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and my Mom died at 84 years of age. So I feel that my chances of living a long life are slim and I will take those chances.
    My husband plans on working part time once he retires so he keeps busy. He is fairy healthy but he has a bad back , hence the reason for retiring from the Post Office and delivering heavy mail and packages. He ha already had 2 compression fractures.I work in Rehab as a nurse , taking care of patient's with either permanent or temporary disabilities so I lift people for a living. That is a source of back problems and arthritis and Lupus runs in my family with my sister and niece being diagnosed with it. I am tested yearly.
    If we had desk jobs where we did not do strenuous work for a living that has taken quite a physical toll on our bodies, we would consider working longer but that is not the case.
    I believe that each person has to make the decision when to retire based on their own circumstances and I want to get the most out of all the money we paid into Social Security and other investments before we leave this world.
    Thanks so much for your input and for taking the time to comment!

  7. Interesting! Not sure if we have any Muellin growing in our area-something to look out for.

  8. Very informative, thanks for sharing!
    Feel free to join us on the homesteader hop!

  9. Your website is so beautiful! But that's not why I'm commenting. I just wanted to add that Mullein is also something I always have on hand. I use it as well, to make a tincture along with Marsh Mallow for allergies. Mullein is one of the best herbs to have around!

  10. We have this here in germany as well. Here it is called among other names the "small blossomed kings candle. My wife and i live on the edge of a small town with a small forrest behind the house so this stuff grows evey where. Here it is even under what the germans call "natur schutz" or in english nature protection or protected nature. That means we are not allowed to destroy the plants because there are so few in our area. Besides they are awsome to look at. I have had a few over the years on my property arounr 5 feet or so high.