Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Quick Tip ~ Scrubbers

For biodegradable pot scrubbers
make them out of jute or sisal.
I love these little scrubbers - even the nylon ones to be honest.
But in trying to limit what ends up in the landfill, 
I felt guilty that I liked them so much.
I tried making them with jute first. (darker one)
They work great, but wet jute has a distinct odor.
I use these for scrubbing the car, BBQ, etc.
I love that these get bugs off the bumper without scratching the paint.
For dishes, I use sisal (lighter one,) which is much more difficult to work with,
but doesn't sport the pungent odor.
Either way, when they are worn out,
just toss them in the compost pile.

Also, there are so many little tips that are just good ideas,
I thought every-so-often to do a quick tip might be fun.
Let me know what you think~



  1. I always love tips...there's always something new to discover. I will scrounge my stash for the makings for these.