Monday, February 20, 2017

Reeeally Delayed Gratification ~ Kitchen Renovation

So long 11-12 year old "temporary" kitchen.
About 11-12 years ago, I was going through a pretty rough patch of life.
Without going into great detail,
I will just say that a functioning kitchen wasn't all that high on the priority list.
(Closest thing to a before pix - we were excited to get moving on it.)

Imagine. . . me. . . a kitchen not on the priority list!
That should give you some inkling as to the severity of it.
Well, of course, time and God tend to take care of things accordingly.
Life is !Much! better now:)
However, for the past 11-12 years, I have lived with a kitchen
that was made up of the very cheapest chain building store counter top
cut to "kinda" suffice for two sections of cabinets.
This cheapo counter top was warped and not even fastened down
so it rocked if you were trying to cut at one end of the counter.
The sink was an old one full of chips, scratches, stains, and even a little rust.
But that didn't matter, because it was "just temporary."
Bahahaha! Oh the beauty of it all.
(In progress - sorry it's blurry, 
but we finished around the bottom of the cupboards as well.)
Over the past two(?) weeks, we have been in the process of getting the old, partial, warped counter top and sink out which was rather easy under the circumstances described above, and finishing the kitchen properly.
This is also why there hasn't been a post for the past week or so.
We both work full time so we've been doing this in the evenings - after work.
Right in the middle of it we also had an out of town memorial to attend
so that just made it take a little longer.
(A little closer)
Here's the other side of the kitchen.  Believe it or not this is actually better than it was at one point.  And yep, that dog just slept right through it all.
(Almost there.)
I can't tell you how appreciative I am of a real kitchen.
 The actual countertop.
Even with dishes drying in the sink and the kettle on the stove :)

We have made-do a long time.
I think the pictures say it sufficiently.
I am aware that different folks like different styles, and maybe our tastes
aren't trendy by today's standards, but we are loving it!
I am loving the clean factor.
I can wipe up the counters and sink and they actually look clean.

PS~ I'm a cast iron sorta gal.
Also, if you've never used them, I love flour sack dish towels.
I mention it, because during the holidays, I was visiting with my cousin
and she asked if I had ever used them.
Of course I have, had, and do.
She had only recently discovered them which surprised me 
as she spends a little time in the kitchen.
I'm a little spoiled (eh hem, I mean loved:) My mom likes to embroider on them and crochet around the edges so I usually receive them as gifts.
They do work just as well without the embroidery and crochet though.



  1. I am super happy for you! It always feels better when you do it yourself. It looks great.

  2. lol - Sometimes good things take a while!

  3. Oh it's beautiful! I'm so glad you got it finished, that must feel so much better.

  4. I love how it came out!!! So warm and clean and cozy! I am also loving the pot rack in the middle for that old-fashioned feel! And yes, flour sack towels! We love them over here too and decorate them, crochet the edges, embroider them and so forth... And glad to know that trial of 11-12 years ago is behind you... How much more you can appreciate today!

  5. I love your new kitchen - the style certainly suits me. As for flour sack towels - I haven't used them as towels, but as a little girl I wore them as slips.

  6. How exciting! The kitchen looks so new and fresh, and it is amazing what a new countertop can do! My kitchen desperately needs a new countertop and I would even like new cabinets too, but it is workable, for now... so happy that you have finally gotten the kitchen done just the way you want it :)

  7. Amazing transformation. I bet you love how up-to-date it looks. Enjoy!

  8. what a lovely kitchen you now have well worth waiting for. I do love the dark cupboards mine are white ugh! have never had a beautiful kitchen what a good space you have and with the patio doors so light too.

  9. We moved into our home two years ago. The house isn't fancy, but it is a nice farmhouse,EXCEPT,the kitchen. The owner was a bachelor senior gentleman raising his 5 y/o grandson. Our plan was to live with it for a year, and then reno. I was injured a few months after we moved in, and was off work for 18 months. I'm back now, and my husband painted and build some open shelving for me. However, that kitchen is on my to do list big time!

    Your kitchen looks lovely! You must feel such pride each time you wipe down those counters!

  10. I know EXACTLY how you feel! The people we bought our home from made the kitchen from crappy cabinets that are always falling apart (made from plastic that can't even be painted). The counters are tile that is stained and literally falling apart. I can not wait to get out of debt and redo the whole kitchen! Although my final product will be like yours, something I enjoy that isn't necessarily trendy. :) It looks great! I bet it's a relief every time you're in there.

  11. Wonderful... what a blessing to change things so they are handier... and more beautiful also. :)

  12. You give me hope for the future of my kitchen!

  13. We remodeled our kitchen not to long ago. I know what hard work one must put into it. Wonderful post!

  14. Your kitchen looks amazing! I love cast iron and flour sack dish towels, as well. I'll bet you've been cooking up a storm :)