Saturday, February 10, 2018

$20 Rabbit Hutch

Hucklebunny has settled into her new home nicely.
She was rather adamant that it not be referred to as
Hucklebunny Headquarters.
She informed me (quite firmly) that it is Hucklebunny Hideaway.
I wasn't aware that a little bunny could be so particular. 
As stated in the title of the post,
this hideaway set us back $20 and some sweat equity.
Before I explain the details,
let me say, it could have been a $10 bunny hutch
but a certain royal bunny wanted a shingle roof which we were out of
instead of tin that we already had on hand.
She really is a particular little thing.
She was given a supervisory position over the hens.
That's a roll she mostly chooses to ignore.
Instead, she has been trying to claim head of security from a certain
rather bewildered canine.
Rip is nice to her and seems aware that bunny stew isn't on the menu,
but questions our sanity for torturing him so.
She is a rather naughty bunny and has "marked" his bed
so is no longer allowed to be free in the house.
As additional punishment, she has to sit in my lap and be petted.
Ha!  That'll learn her.
Now on to the hutch, ahem, I mean hideaway.
After the last post, you might understand that disposable cash
is pretty scarce at the moment.
My solution was to build the hutch from things we had on hand.
Amongst those things were some locust posts.
These were decent posts that I'd used in a different project 
then changed my mind on.
Whenever we cut down a locust, we save posts if we can.
They are a very hard wood and once cured almost impenetrable.
Rather than try to use brackets, 
Mr. LB had the brainy idea just to strap them together 
with some 1" metal he had pieces of.
This worked great because we could cinch them tightly.
The "cage part" is about 54" wide and 28" deep (OD.)
I will say using posts creates a few challenges in getting things square.
The posts weren't exactly straight.
I laid out the front as one frame then the back as another.
I was able to scrounge side boards from my scrap pile.
I had a little bit of hardware cloth left over from the chicken coop
so only needed to purchase a 10 ft. roll ($10.)
Again fitting that wire into/onto those locusts that weren't square
was an interesting task.
I felt like I could use an extra arm or two to hold things in place.
I used the air stapler in one had and my other hand had to do the rest.
The door is held on in an old fashioned method of leather scraps.
Only they used to use old shoe leather as door hinges.
My latch is rudimentary at the moment, but it works.
I need to have my favorite metal fabricator make some special enough 
for Her Huckle Highness.
Here you can see the components and construction better.
The roof is shingles which I have to agree looks much better with the whole hideaway theme and natural posts.
They cover chipboard and tar paper which were both scraps.
I used a little less than 1/2 of a $20 bundle.
(That means I have more to make something else:-)
Then because St. Valentine's Day is this week,
she has her hideaway decorated accordingly with red and white lights and vines.
She seems quite pleased with her situation
though seems perturbed that there is a canine with higher ranking.
One other addition that I am hoping to add
is a framed screen to hang below the cage
to catch the "berries" and let the liquid flow through.
When I get this done, I can share more.
I tend to enjoy making things using what's available.
I also really enjoy not giving box stores my money.


  1. Hahaa you are funny. I'm sure you and Hucklebunny will have lots of fun together. She looks adorable. And I love her hideaway. How wonderful to make it with what you have. You are very resourceful, Lady Locust. :)

    1. Thanks Nil. She's pretty cute. I actually like "building" stuff.

  2. Shingles will be a lot quieter in a hail storm.

  3. Such a story about one bunny and her hideaway.

    1. She's a bit of a stinker, but I'm hoping the garden benefits.

  4. How sweet. I love the lights. Your dog is gorgeous!

    1. It's a good thing you can't smell him. 😊 He could use a bath, but it's kinda too cold.

  5. Hucklebunny is adorable. I used to have a Norwegian Lop Eared bunny back in the 1980's much bigger than she is, and he loved having a cave with straw in it to sleep in. My dad made a wooden box 4-6 inches larger than he was and put it inside his hutch. Kept him cozy and gave him a place where he felt safe at night. Kind of like a bunny dog house.

    1. I have a "special" nest idea for her but have to do it as I can. It turned cold again so she does have a heat lamp too.

  6. I agree it is more fun to find what you need in the scrap heap. I love how it turned out. I do have to comment that it is green there and no snow? Ack it is in the negative numbers here. I think the hideaway is perfect. I also love the photo with the dog!

    1. We had about a week of warming (for Feb.) weather. It's freezing again now. He knows he has to be nice. He doesn't mind the bunny so much, but he would really love to "play with" the chickens. They have those flappy things they wave when you chase them 😊

  7. That is the cutest little rabbit hutch. I love how it looks like real trees as posts. Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty link up.