Sunday, February 18, 2018

The State of the Garden

Right out the gate, I have to tell you 
I am so anxious to get out and play in the dirt.
I was home for a day this past weekend and the weather was above freezing
 so I put a jacket and gloves on and headed out there.
We get so many leaves and pine needles that blow in and/or fall
that even though we "clean up" in autumn, it's difficult to tell.
Looking out back toward the sitting area was just atrocious.
(sitting area)
I grabbed the wheelbarrow and a spring rake and started in.
After 2 or 3 wheelbarrow loads, it was starting to look a little better
so I came in and warmed my fingers by the fire.
When I looked back out,
Mr LB had picked up the rake and had another wheelbarrow load started.
It's amazing how much debris finds its way into every nook and cranny.
(guess we'll just have dirty birds)
There was an unfortunate discovery since our last snow melted.
My bird bath in the center of the garden shattered.
It wasn't a cheap plastic/resin one, but
 when the lambs destroyed the garden two years ago, they knocked it over 
and probably cracked it or stressed it so when it froze this year, it broke.
(ideas in progress)
In light of that I decided to change things up a bit­čśë
I can't show you all I have in mind, because it's not finished.
I got cold.  It was a high of 35 degrees that day, and I am a wimp.
(believe it or not the "after" shot)
I have little seed packets starring at me, calling me, taunting me -
but I know it's too soon.
There is a quote on many garden sites about if you only garden 
from May to September,
you're missing the best part - the dreaming and hoping.
I can't remember the exact words of course but it makes sense.
(a friend brought this back to me from the garden show in Seattle)
Regardless of the temperature,
it felt good to get outside a move a little.
We got to enjoy the cleaned up view for all of a day before Mother Nature 
reminded us that it's still winter.
(view out the back door)
And our view of white returned once more.
So I guess it's like cleaning behind the refrigerator.
Nobody can tell it's done, but I know it,
and that feels good.
That was last weekend.
I believe it has snowed all but one day since then.
(view of what we call the big yard)
There was someone else who was glad to get outside 
and spend some energy too.
(Rip vs. Rope ~ looks like Rope is winning.)

PS~ See Bonnie, that green was just a temporary glitch in the weather system.


  1. The photo of your yard covered in snow is beautiful.
    Can you use pine needles as mulch? I use oak leaves because I haven't found a good source of hay or straw yet.

  2. I am sorry about the snow, but I do feel a tad better. Usually you and I are the last to melt off, so I admit to feeling a little lonesome when it came to snowcover. I'm glad you got to see your garden. I can't even get into the greenhouse now. I love how your garden is arranged. I can't wait to see how the dahlias turn out.

  3. I love your yard! Hope you put another bird bath in. They are fun...and much appreciated by the birds :-).

  4. I am excited to see your garden come spring! I also lost a birdbath and I am in Alabama. I forgot about it and it was full of water when we got a freeze and the bottom fell right out. It was glass. I am going to miss it, it was so pretty.
    :) gwingal

  5. Hello Lady Locust. I am happy you stopped by Greenbow to say hello and decided to follow my garden antics. Your life style appeals to me. I used to wish I could live like you do. I have become so much less work brickle as I have aged that I don't think I would tackle such a lifestyle as this. I will be watching. I still like to do things myself and I don't have the $$ to do what my mind conjurs up but I do as I can when I can. I know the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you do a project that works out and looks good. Your garden looks ready for action. I too have been out in the cooler temps trying to do chores that can be done ahead of actual gardening. I am sure I am going to learn a lot from your blog. Garden on...

  6. Could you put use the pedestal for the bird bath and place a large terra cotta pot plate on top of it?
    Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop. Hope we see more this Wednesday.

  7. This amazing post is a GARDEN feature on the April You're the STAR blog hop: http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/2018/04/youre-star-week1-garden-april-2018.html

  8. I have a huge old pine tree in my backyard. I just leave the needles down as mulch. Some of them I use for the chickens' nest boxes. Too bad about your birdbath. My neighbor gave me hers. Have had it in the front garden for years, and the sparrows love it. It's fun to hear them splashing, and to see them enjoy it.