Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Up the Mountain

This last weekend, we had our taxes done (blek!) 
then headed up the mountain to check on the place, 
maybe get a little more work done, and fill our water jugs.
We prefer fresh mountain well water to filtered irrigation water so will haul drinking water as long as we can.
Yes that is a car buried in snow!

We knew there had been significant snowfall 
as we’ve had plenty down here in the low land.
We ended up having to just pull out where our drive is and walk to the house.
Walking was a bit of a challenge.  
The snow came up over our knees as we took each step.
I’m short so nearly froze my bottom off :-)
We built roaring fires in the house and shop.  
There is electric heat on just enough to keep the pipes from freezing, but a fire lasts a while and helps just that much with the power bill for up there.
We didn’t get any work done in the house, because we were shoveling.
I still have two chickens up there that run free. 
They refuse to stay cooped so I quit fighting with them.  
They have a huge self feeder full of food and a heated water dish 
so are really fine.
We checked them out when we arrived.
They wouldn’t leave the lean to so I put their feed under there 
and ran an extension cord for their water dish.
We (mostly MrLB while I filled water jugs) shoveled the snow off the lean to portion of the shop.
It’s not flimsy but it tends to melt off the shop 
and slides down and accumulates on the lean to.
The last thing we need is for it to cave in on the wood and tractor.
By the time we left, we were chilly, our pant legs were soaked, 
and we’d had a decent workout.
The same plow driver is “taking care of” the road - meaning the dufus drives both directions down the middle of the road instead of on his own side to create the two lanes it should be.
There are a couple things I miss about living up there,
but this weekend I was ever grateful we live where we do 
and are on the path we’re on-
even if we don’t know where it ends.


  1. Priorities change, plow drivers - not so much.

  2. I know you were immediately enamored with the place on first sight. But oh my, are you ready to live like that each winter, especially since we are all getting older?

    1. Saundra, this is the place we will be selling, where I've lived for the past 18 yrs.

  3. I love snow but I don't think I would want to live where I could truly get snowed in. I think you made a wise decision. I hope you get your place sold this summer and you can concentrate on your new place.

  4. Yes, you are moving forward. The fresh drinking water sounds divine. I may buy those self feeders for my chickens to use when I'm out of town. That snow makes me appreciate Southern California.

  5. Oh my, you really got the snow! I grew up in that kind of country, but am glad it doesn't snow that much where we live now.

  6. That is a lot of snow! I know what it is like to have to take care of two homes. I hope spring comes soon, so you can get the other home sold. To answer your question I have no problem with a link to my post. Glad you saw something you liked.