Sunday, March 17, 2019

Canning Chips

Yes, that says "Canning Chips."
Here, let me explain~
We don't eat very many chips, but
when we do, they are part of a meal rather than a snack item.
They are nice with taco soup or to have nachos on occasion.
There is a small local company that makes good corn chips that we like,
but there are only a few places to get them.
So when I'm able to make it to one of the stores that carries them,
I get a couple bags and can them.
Simply use wide mouth jars and put as many chips in as possible.
Then I use the vacuum attachment to the seal-a-meal to lid them.
You could also Hot-oven Can them which is what I did 
until I got the vacuum attachment.
One bag makes 4-5 quart jars depending upon how many you eat 
during the canning process. :-)
Then they can go in the pantry and are ready when you need them.
For the two of us, we use 1 quart jar at a time.
If you have a family, it would be more of course.
The longest I've ever stored them is about a year, and 
they were still fresh and tasty.
As is the case when canning any dry-good,
it's important that your jars and lids are clean and completely dry.

Just a note, many of the items in my pantry have rims on them.
When we moved, I put rims on most of the jars just as an extra precaution.
I didn't want lids to pop if the jar was jostled just right.
I have plenty of rims so am just removing them as I use the food.


  1. This is a great idea Lady Locust.
    If I buy a big bag of chips, it often goes stale before I use it up. I never thought of canning them.

  2. Never even thought they could be canned. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Oh, that's very interesting. At first I thought you were having wet chips, and I was confused. That's a great way to keep them fresh and crunchy. I don't buy them, because I wolf them down, and they never go stale. I can't stop thinking about them...

  4. The vacuum attachment is interesting. - Margy

  5. You are ridiculously brilliant my dear friend. I am OBSESSED with your cupboard. I cant stop staring. I hope you show us more of that gorgeous collection of canned foods you have. I just love ideas like this. Do you happen to recommend a source at resonable prices for canning ball jars? I know I can buy them at thrift stores and charity shops, oh and of course walmart and such but I seem to spent quite a bit that way. I would love to know what you do with your jars after you have used them, and before you have refilled them with harvest again. I end up stashing them in my storage room, as my cupboard isn't that large. That just gave me an idea. Maybe I need to use the guest room closet as another storage room, for stuff such as that. hmmm...love you Raquelxxx

    1. I will be doing a pantry post before too long, but we're waiting on some repairs. Unfortunately, now that we are renting, it's on someone else's time schedule not ours.

  6. I vacum seal things like this all the time, we don't call this canning. Found you on Homestead blog Hop.

  7. That is impressive girl! What a great idea! now that it is just hubby and I at home, this could be a great idea. the bag always goes stale before we get finished with it!
    Good to see you!

  8. And how beautiful, they look, on your shelf!!!!

    Gentle hugs..

  9. I have never heard of vacuum sealing anything. I will have to read up on this. Since there are just two of us here we often have chips go to waste because I won't eat them when they get stale. This would be a perfect remedy. I like peeking into your pantry too. You have the best ideas.

  10. I put mine in jars too. Although I've never vacuum sealed them