Monday, October 14, 2019

That Place Still Exists

"But that was a different time."
"That's all changed now."
"None of it's there anymore."
"There's nothing left there now."

Those are comments I'm sure we've all heard many a time.
They are spoken with a tone of remorse, sadness.
Usually what preceeds it is a wonderful memory of an instance
or event that is fondly recalled and with a grin or smile
which softens the face of the speaker.
The eyes sparkle with the reflection of the film that plays in the minds eye.
And the tone of voice is rejouvenated and is pitched 
in accordance with the event be it exciting or severe.
Once the tale is spun full length, it's snuffed out
by one of the phrases above.

Peculiar as it might seem, 
those recounted scenes are still alive and present.
Contrary to what is usually hurled at us as the current state,
there are still good folks out there,
funny folks out there,
hard-working folks out there,
and kind and generous folks out there.
Out where you might ask~

Well, there's this door. . . 

There's something I've said so many times over the years I've lost count.
"Whatever you look for, that's what you'll find."
Rather than taking what is being hurled at you,
maybe look for your own truth.
There's a place where a door is held open.
There's a place where people are smiling and friendly.
There's a place where a hand is offered,
where "Thank you," is said,
where a load is bared,
where a compliment is paid,
where a "Good Morning," is heard.
There is a certain kind of gravity that pulls folks 
to one who is in tune with such occurrences.
There will always be someone who will fill in the role as sour grapes.
It's pretty seldom that anyone gravitates towards them.
Most folks still appreciate kindness, and 
there are still plenty of baby boomers and generations
sandwiching them on either side who know how it was before,
who've been there.
There is as much work to do now as ever there was.
And believe it or not, folks who are willing
though their experience might be lacking.
We take them by the hand and show them, not shame them.
Yes, the wheel of time continues to roll forth.
That is a given.
Isn't it a comfort to be able to count on such a thing?
We can look back and reminisce and on the very same reel 
is a projection of what's yet to come.
If we have any part to play,
why wouldn't we choose the better ending.
If we can share and create value,
shouldn't we?
We have the ability to make that change,
to bring it back, or
to keep it here where it belongs.
We don't need to turn back time after all,
because that place still exists.
I hear you asking again,

Well, that door above~
It's the door to my home.
Is it the door to yours too?


  1. It's a beautiful door, and a lovely post. The one constant in life is change. I am learning that the future can be fun and exciting, as well. It is sad to seeing things we loved evaporate as we age, but I guess that is part of this transition.

  2. What a beautiful post, Lady Locust. And you are so right.
    I believe that we create our own destiny.

  3. Oh, wow, I so love this post! How beautifully the message is written. I just must scribble some of this in my little handwritten journal. I love the door!

  4. Such beautiful and inspiring words, thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. What a wonderful post! Thank you.

  6. You are a wise and wonderful woman who is full of goodness to share. I totally agree with you and am a believer we make our own happiness. Am sure some people think me odd when I walk up to a stranger at Walmart and comment on how nice her hair looks, etc. That makes me feel good by making her feel good.

    1. SAUNDRA... I do this too!!!!! When seeing someone with lovely hair (or etc.), I actually tell them, it is lovely. It is delightful to me, to see the smile form on their face! Who doesn't like a sweet compliment?

      No I didn't used to do this. When younger. I would notice, but never stop and tell the person. Too timid and worried about what they might "think."

      But now that I am 83, (and well before now too,) I do it. An obviously old woman is not threatening. And an obviously old woman is "cut some slack". -smile- At least I hope so. And if not, who cares. As I said, it is delightful to me, to see the smile, which always spreads across their face.


  7. Love this post, and you're right, the folks we want to be and be around do still exist. I think we are those people every time we offer a helping hand or even directions to the next town. Thankfully, at least one of my grands is a down-to-earth "old soul"at heart so the future is looking good from my perspective.

  8. How lovely.
    Thank You for providing us with such a great post. It's Wonderful.

  9. -happy sigh- Oh what a wonderful post!!!!

    This is the kind of a post, which adds so much luster, to Pretty Blog Land. It is full of beautifully crafted words, which convey wisdom, in a gentle way.

    What more could anyone ask for.....?

    -another happy sigh-

    So true.

    So wise.

    So in need of being said.

    Especially to _me_. Who has been dwelling too long, in "The Land of 'That's all changed now.' "

    Which is a very depressing "Land." Because as you said, it sucks the Joy out of lovely memories. And just adds to the feeling of hopelessness, in the here-and-now. And if we are hopeless, we are not doing anything, about the 'problem' we see. And we have given up, on doing anything about what we see, is the 'problem.'

    Granted, I find it hard, to envision how I can bring back civility in discussion. Or convince anyone to listen to and use, their own mind... As opposed to simply following the current-in-crowd-mind-set. Afraid to voice any dissent. How can I do anything...?

    Perhaps by acting, as I wish others, to act? Instead of just bemoaning "how things are now." Instead of just feeling... "That's the way it is...Might as well just wallow in self-pity, about it."

    Doing anything, is always better, than just wallowing. -smile-

    Thank you my Dear... Thank you....


  10. I love your comments. You are good folks indeed.

  11. We must continue to move forward. As "the mean old principal," I try my damnedest to support and encourage my students. It does get frustrating when they acknowledge and appreciate my positive approach to them, yet they do not pay it forward to others through their interactions. I just have to open they remember that their is joy in making others happy.

  12. enjoyed your post. Food for thought. We need this now more than ever.

  13. Just discovered your blog, I am looking forward to read your past posts and getting to know you. Blessings to your home!

  14. Thanks for stopping over and leaving your calling card :). It is too funny about the yarn that doesn't roll, you are right, what excercise...doesn't it always roll around the chair legs,and under the couch...:) Mine eventually got in the round, because I did some frogging and rip rip rip, to redo. So I'm back to the excercise part of the crochet project.

  15. Wow...thanks for sharing. That is beautiful. Thanks also for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment. You are welcome any time.