Monday, September 30, 2019

First Snow

This weekend we went over the mountain to see some friends.
It snowed!
September 28th - the first snow!
That's crazy.
(Had to get a pix in a spot where it wasn't snowing so you can actually see.)

I've heard from a few sources now that winter will be harsh this year.
It's interesting how Mother Nature makes provisions
to feed and care for her critters..
I mentioned earlier that the elderberry trees were loaded.
Between last weekend and this weekend being in the mountains
(or passing through,)
I've also noticed the mountain ash berries and rosehips
are both abundant this year as well.
Image result for mountain ash berries
We've not yet had snow down here in the valley,
but it's cold.  The high yesterday was 48*.
I've been getting the garden put to bed and trying to get things cleaned up and ready for "the snow goose to molt" while flying over.
We have to have that sort of goofy humor when we are talking snow in Sept.
I was hoping the spaghetti squash would ripen a little more
before I had to pick them, but I might just have to get them in.
There was a light frost this morning so I'll take that as a warning.
I am looking forward to not mowing the lawn at two houses though.

Still praying for the right folks to find our mountain house.
It's so beautiful with so many attributes.
Then next summer I will only have one yard to tend.


  1. This is some crazy weather. A friend of ours has a sister that lives in W Montana. They were to get a foot of snow yesterday. Crazy. Here we haven't had much rain, only 9/10" this whole month. None really expected. Plus we have had record heat. It is 91 as I type and it will get a few degrees warmer. When will it end? A cold front is expected Wednesday night. We will see. We haven't had to mow here for 2 weeks. I am watering today. I am afraid it will go into freezing temps without rain so I want to make the plants ready.
    I hope you get your mountain home sold. It must be a worry for you.

  2. I had read that there was snow in parts of the US last night that is very early, but I am guessing it was high up? We are having a real variance of temperatures here all day yesterday and this morning it was 6/43ΒΊ and it is is now colder than that this evening, but this morning it was 14/57ΒΊ. It is hard to know what to do for best in the garden when the weather is all over the place isn't it, although here in England that is our norm to be honest!

  3. What happened to global warming?!? *Sorry* I just had to say that. Since it's so ironic.

    Seasonally cool here today, and overcast. Hope husband can grill wild caught steel head trout we bought, without any rain drops. Cooking out tonight, since rest of week will be showery.

    It is true then, that the winter can be foretold, by abundance of certain wild things? Not just 'Old Folk's Tales' as the saying goes. But then, why not true? Those 'Old Folk's Tales' were based on years and years of observation. -smile-

    Last evening we actually saw some Real Geese, as I call them. Real as opposed to a few geese, which live in ponds in city park. And in spring/fall, they get a tingling in their genes, and fly from the park, to across the city, and back. They are the local "Make Believe Geese."

    Hope you get as much produce as possible, before the first frost.


  4. Oh and yes, I hope you get your mountain home sold.

    Not sure where this one is, as I think you live in the mountains, at present. Perhaps this one, is deeper in the mountains...?


  5. I love the view through your windshield! We have had three mild winters, so it is about time for a harsher one. Parts of Montana were hit hard yesterday with over forty inches of snow.

  6. Snow already? It's still very warm here.
    I love watching snow falling as long as I'm warmly inside. :)

  7. Snow?!?!?! Oh my, we're still in the 90s during the day and thankful when it makes it into the 60s at might.

  8. Re: your comment on my blog post...

    Oh my Dear, thank you so much, for understanding!!!! -happy sigh- I have tried to do these thoughts, in a post. This was my second attempt. And still I did not know if my thoughts, would be understood, and or accepted.

    But if you do, it makes me so relieved.

    Thank you so much!!!!<---times a million!

  9. How fun! I love snow and would have reveled at seeing it so early. We are still baking here with highs in the 90s, but I'm still getting tomatoes so I can't complain.

    I do hope your house sells soon.
    Have a great week!

  10. There's a link. if you're interested, to similar glass pumpkins in my last post now. They're the best I've been able to find. Have a great weekend!

  11. Re: Your comment in my blog... Thank you, for sharing lovely feelings, about the Full Moon. ~~~~ Yes, I know it is/was The Full Hunter's Moon. And a spotlight in the sky, it was!!!!!

    I love everything about noticing the Turning of the Wheel of the Year. That is why I love "The Old Ways." -smile- One does not have to 'believe' exactly, as others do, to love their noticing of Nature. And of course, love of the Moon, in all her stages, goes with this.

    -sigh- So it has been a great sadness, to have seemed to have had very *not nice* things happen, around the same time as Full Moons. Not wanting to live this way, I have been trying to deal with this. My post, was my latest attempt.

    Thank you for your comment. And for your good wishes. And for your understanding.

    Many gentle hugs...


  12. Those elderberries are beautiful. Indeed, GOD did not forget not one of the little critters, and made provisions for all. Thank you for stopping over my place and commenting on the crochet mandala doily. Handcrafting provides me with a purposeful interruption to the world noises.