Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Update - Poor, Poor Gracie

Of course, as is usually the case,
almost immediately after posting the last post,
Gracie started acting up with me.
She usually has a jubilant enthusiasm for the project
and pep in her needle.
Several of you commented on her,
so am sharing.
(Poor, poor Gracie)
She had been feeling a little punky for a while.
I did try to nurse her, but I'm not a real nurse.
You see at 102 years old, 
one is apt to feel the years at times.
She will be going to the doctor soon.
There is only one doctor in the area
that is qualified to treat geriatric machines like her.
I expect she will be healed completely 
and ready to stitch for another 102 years
by the time she returns home.
*I'll say this quietly as I wouldn't want to upset her.*
She has all her original wiring!
It's a connection issue she's having.
She won't go then rev and stitch 100 mph!
Makes it difficult to stitch an accurate seam.
(Mrs. Kirksey)
But never fear. . . 
those other machines I mentioned in the last post~
Well, Mrs. Kirksey volunteered to help out while Gracie is unwell.
(Yep, all my machines have names.)

Mrs. Kirksey is a 1922 portable Singer.
She is a smaller model and runs like a dream.
She's 4 years younger than Gracie,
but has more miles.
I purchased her from the "real" Mrs. Kirksey's daughter
when she was cleaning out her mom's things.
I thought it only suiting that she be named after
the woman who put so many miles on her
and spent so much time in her company.
(Bad pix, bit I've left the price sticker on her.)
Her decals are well worn,
but she still has such a beautiful face.
I have every faith in her ability to do the job,
and I will enjoy our time together.
She's a tough ol' gal with a certain charm about her.
She's like the great-aunt you can talk to, because
she's always at ease.
She can listen and still continue working
never missing a stitch.
(Love the scrolled face-plate)
I thought you might be interested
in the sewing room happenings :-)

Editing post to add~
If you have an old Singer sewing machine and would like
to know what year it was made,
here is a link where you can look it up by serial number.


  1. Bless her heart! I hope Sweet Gracie makes a complete recovery soon so she can get on with the job at hand! I enjoyed meeting Mrs. Kirksey, and, for that matter, would like to meet the rest of the gang. "Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing. The days pass quickly when I am sewing." (Author unknown)

    1. Here is my only non-singer, but I love her story~

  2. Heehee. They really do have personalities. Love the quote!

  3. I'm so glad there's a doctor in your area to see poor Gracie. They are rare in these parts so Goodman does what he can for my girls. I loved the opportunity to meet Mrs. Kirksey all dressed up in her eye-catching faceplate. $10 - wow, such a find, and I like that she's a smaller model.
    Please, keep us posted on Gracie's recovery.

    1. I don't think any of mine are super rare as far as Singers go, but I sure appreciate them like they are. Funny how certain things are more prevalent in certain areas.

  4. Am sure Gracie will miss you and visa versa, but when she returns she will have more pep in her stitch and with better rhythm. Meanwhile enjoy your visit with Mrs. Kirksey.

  5. Ohhhh I am so sorry to hear, that 'Gracie' is ailing. Poor old Dear!

    But wonderful, that you have a 'Hospital,' to bring her to, and have her come out, good-as-new. Now, if only people had such.... >,-)

    And delightful to meet your stand-in helper, 'Mrs. Kirksey." What a lovely scrolled face plate she has!!!!

    And it's probably quite good, for different 'Old Friends," to be revved up and taken out for a spin, now and then!!!

    Very happy to hear the latest Sewing Room Happenings!!! Thank you!


    1. It is good for them as I also give them a bit of a cleaning if I haven't used them for a while :-/ (shame on me.)

  6. I think it is quite charming that your sewing machines all have names. My sewing machine is a new model, comparatively speaking. She is rarely used and doesn't have a name.

    1. Oh, you should name her - and visit with her too:-)

  7. I hope Gracie makes a swift recovery! :) It's so nice you have Mrs. Kirksey to step in so you don't have to stop your projects.

    1. Oh funny, I never even thought about not being able to proceed with a project. That would be devastating!

  8. I hope Gracie will have a complete recovery very soon.

    You are lucky to find a good doctor for her. It's not an easy task these days.

    1. Finding a Dr. (repairman) of any sort is a bit of a challenge any more. Finding someone to work on clocks is even more difficult. I too am glad to have such a person in the area.

  9. Beautiful sewing machines,that scrollwork is so pretty, everything was back then, or it seems. I like to name things to, which have a special place in my heart. I hope Gracie is soon well, and imagine finding someone who actually knows how to fix her in these times....

    1. I too like that many things were as ornate as they were functional back then. Maybe that's part of why I like old things:-)

  10. Was it hard to learn on an old sewing machine? I would think you would have to have rythm going for sure.

    1. They are actually easier to learn on. They are far less finicky than new machines. Ex. I had a new machine (gave it to a friend) that had to use a larger size needle. I prefer the finer needles for quilting or sewing silk - smaller puncture holes. The new machine wouldn't do it. I went to my oldies.

  11. I love the old Singers. I have three of them, and my mom had one, too. Hope Gracie is repaired lovingly soon...

  12. Oh, my heavens! What a gorgeous friend you have there! Two, actually! I wish I still had my grandmother's original; I think she'd line up right along with Gracie. They just don't make them like that anymore.

    1. They sure don't. I love that they are actually repairable.

  13. What a lovely post about two very wonderful ladies that are still going strong, or at least trying to!! Hope you and the Dr can get Gracie back to her normal self soon!! I love how you give your machines names and that makes them even more special!!! Enjoy these two old gems and Happy stitching!!!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Funny, sewing is in the air. My post is a little about sewing and many of the blogs I've read tonight are about sewing. A good way to srsta the new year. I'm jealous of your sewing machine. My parents have an old foot cranked Singer and I played with that machine all of the time growing up. I would love to give it a whirl for real. I love hand quilting, but I started to get carpel tunnel. That put an end to that. Love your post.

    2. Julie ~ I do enjoy the oldies. They really are work horses.
      Bonnie~ maybe because it's sooo cold! ;-) It's what the season is meant for.

  14. How is Gracie doing now? Did she get to the Dr? Thank you for stopping over and commenting on my posting. It's nice to have folks stop over.

  15. I loved this! I have my great Granny's that I learned to sew on up in the attic. I stored her when the hubby and my small boys bought me a "fancy" new machine to sew on one Christmas. I also have a lovely pink one that was a step great grandmother's. I never even sewn with her... This makes me want to get them all out! Gracie and the lot have a very kind keeper, hope she comes back better than new :)

  16. Aw - poor Gracie! She will love her trip to the spa though and I'm sure she will be rarin' to go when she comes back. Wouldn't it be nice if they made new machines half as well as the old ones.

  17. This is such a sweet post. Hope Gracie comes home feeling much better and ready to go to work. I've simply got to get busy in my sewing room!

  18. These are beautiful machines, Lady!! I hope they continue to work for you! I have been wanting to sew on my treadle sewing machine, I just keep putting it off. One day soon, I just might get a wild hair and do it! Good to see you are still blogging! I might get on that as well! LOLOL it's been too long!