Tuesday, March 17, 2020


The flow of rhythm~
The dependability of routine~
The harmony of ritual~
(Baby thyme sprouting - so hopeful.)

There are times when the waters get rough
or the road gets rocky.
I suppose it depends if you are sea faring
or a land lover.
Usually those rough and rocky times are due
to the unknown and all the "what-ifs" presented.
When there are situations out of our control,
it serves as a comfort to do those things you can control.

Many folks have lost sight of Home.
Not of their house or the avenues that lead
to and from the places they go,
but a real Home.
I prefer to see our current times
not as a time to panic,
but as the straightening a crooked picture
or righting an upturned vessel.
Perhaps the pendulum is moving a little bit back towards center.
That's a good thing, right?
It's not enjoyable to see people upset,
but it might be like when children don't understand
when something good is coming from the current unpleasant situation.
It might be difficult to begin a new exercise routine,
but after a time
we come to find comfort in the routine of it.
We are creatures of habit
who have veered far from healthy norms.
Perhaps Home will once again become our center.

There are things we can count on
and we should focus on those things
when life gets shaky.
We know we need to eat.
This is nothing new.
We've been doing it all our lives.
What might be new is how we go about providing
for that necessity.
Think first of what you know and build on that.
What meals do you know how to make?
What other meals do you enjoy?
Also, see what you have in stock
and build on what you have there.
If you have grains or beans,
what might you need to go with those things?
Not to worry, it will work out.

Another thing we can depend on 
is that we will need clean clothes.
Again, we already do this.
Just work it into the schedule.

And a clean and comfortable Home~
Awe yes,
there's that word again.
Look at what you are making.
It's beautiful really.
 You are providing for yourself
and those you love if that's your situation.
We can now find that the seas are calming
and the roads are smoothing out.
What's happening in the world outside
becomes a little less significant
when we can depend upon those things
we know so well.
What happens when we do these things
is we become more aware of what is important to us.
The minutes of our day become uncluttered.
We'll appreciate the rhythm of the washing machine 
sloshing back and forth knowing the clothes are being cleaned.
We'll appreciate the routine of preparing meals
according to time of day and family needs.
We'll appreciate the ritual of caring for our surroundings.
And when we do,
we will once again feel 
at ease. . . .nah,
at Home.


  1. Beautiful post, LL. I just did a load of laundry today. My machine in thirty years old, and works perfectly. The sun was out, so I dried the clothes on the line. Spent the day cooking, eating, and pulling weeds. I plan to plant lots more fruit trees, and grow vegetables again.

    1. Thank you Stephanie. I love what you do with your space. You use it so wisely.

  2. You do have a way with words, and we do need to be straightened on our course a bit. I couldn't tell you how many times friends who live but are not really at home have asked me how I stand it. I believe really living at home and doing home chores and projects creates an independence that I consider priceless.

    1. I know those same kinds of folks. It makes me wonder sometimes if maybe they aren't comfortable with their own thoughts. I love being home.

  3. Lovely...

    And there is the hope, that out of this, will come more wise ways of living.

    Grow more food....Keep a reasonably stocked pantry.....Pay more attention to all that HOME signified.......Look more at how to enjoy our time there, rather than always seeking ways, to escape it......And more Home Thinking....Borders do have a purpose.....We do not open our home doors, to all and everyone.....Why should we open our home-country, to all?......Meanwhile, enjoy Home.....It's Spring.....We need not succumb to Cabin Fever in Spring.....Open your door, and listen to the birds!!!!! -smile-

    Gentle hugs,
    Stay calm,
    Practice common sense,

  4. You are so sweet. Wait, don't you mean "Stay Clam" heehee I'm being ornery:-)

  5. Are you able to work at home? All you say here is true. You need to stay centered, at home. Good to see all is well and good your way.

    1. Nope, I go to work each day. I love being home, but do have to work. This pandemic is far less threatening than the flu is any other year. Most folks just listen to media and don't look at the numbers to compare or put into perspective. Home is still my center:-)

  6. My husband and I love our home. Being home is a vacation. I enjoyed the poem.

  7. I am still working at this point. I think the issue is to not over whelm our medical facilities and they will not have to chose who lives and dies like Italy is doing now.
    I too love home and find much comfort in being there.

    1. We too are still working - with minimal crew, lots of disinfecting, and lots of space per person - following CDC guidelines & trying to be sensible.
      Keep Well~

  8. A very timely and on point message. Straightening the crooked picture. It's time. Lilly of them Valley, such a chock full beautiful aroma in such a wee plant. They whoever they are, at the park,are considered invasive, because they are not native. Doesn't that beat all?

    1. Ooohh, well if they dig them, I'll give you the address where they can send them ;-)

  9. Very wise words! I'm hopeful that this will serve as a wake-up call to many people and that we will learn to be kinder and take better care of the resources we have, both personally AND globally. Take care of you - stay safe, stay well.

    1. I am already noticing a kinder community here - are you? Seems folks you do meet are ready with a smile. How nice that part is.

  10. I loved this post!!!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thank you Laura. I think we have a couple beliefs in common:-)

  11. Mar. 26th

    Soooooo much Wisdom, contained here!

    I do think, that when this is over, and it will be.... Not all of the *Old Constantly Hectic Life*, that has been the norm, will come back. I hope so anyway.

    More appreciation of Home... More staying prepared, as a way of life... Just making it, normal... Perhaps some of these young people I see, walking for their exercise, will like this. Actually prefer it, to being inside a gym, for alllll of their exercise.... Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Again, thank you for these lovely and wise words.

    Gentle hugs,
    🌸 🌸 🌸

  12. I'll say it again, you are a dear :-)