Thursday, March 26, 2020

We Do What We Do

To carry on.
That's what we do~

It's the end of March.
Around here, it didn't come in roaring like it does some years.
It kinda came in the back door
then surprised us with mid-month snow.
So what do we usually do in March?
Well, in our house, we plan and we plant.
The weather is still a bit fickle
so we dance with it.
Inside, outside, inside, 2, 3, 4.
Outside, inside, outside, 6, 7, 8.
The birds and the breeze provide us with music
as we move about.
(It needs to get back to this orderly state:-))

My summer kitchen has served as a sorting area
for the oddball things left to go through after moving.
Still amazed by how much we collect over the years
and how long it takes to go through it all.
Item by item, it's all being dealt with.
In the interim though, it appears a bit disheveled.
It doesn't help that during the coldest months, 
I let things be as they happened 
so I could get back in where it was warm.
Oh what will I ever do with me?

I've begun straightening here and there as I have a few minutes.
It is getting better, but I still have a ways to go.
I got the last of the lavender cleaned which was a task,
a lovely scented task, but a task nonetheless.
I've finally been hanging laundry back out here
rather then the clothes trees in the house.
That helps the house to seem cleaner.
I know that sounds odd,
but racks of drying clothes appear as clutter in a small home.
It's that time of year when not only can we hang our laundry out to dry,
but we can open our windows and doors
here and there even for a few minutes.
That fresh air is as good for our soul as it is for our system.
It's important that we find our center.
That's a dancing term for our springtime dance we are doing.
I think a good portion of my fine readers have faith.
It's remarkable that in the mignst of chaos,
we can hold our centers,
keep our homes,
comfort our kin,
and carry on.
Faith is the opposite of fear.
So it's reasonable that if we have faith,
we are without fear.
We all have fear, you say?
Perhaps, just perhaps, those are the areas 
in which we need to find our faith.
It sure is a relief to know that we have the most powerful weapon
for combating those fears.
So we can continue to do as we do
and dance as we do with Mother Nature 
while the weather if fickle.
The birds and the breeze still sing.
Let's plan and plant, shall we?
2, 3, 4.
6, 7, 8.


  1. Great post! How I miss having a clothesline right now. We live in an apartment so I have laundry drying all over the place - all hand washed because they aren't cleaning our common areas right now (that includes the laundry machines). Once all this is over I plan to buy a drying rack so at least I can have things drip into the tub or out on our balcony. Doing the 2,3,4 dance right along with you - stay safe, stay well!

  2. Watch for them at yard/estate sales. The older ones were sturdier than what you can find in stores today (of course:-))

  3. Great post. Your summer kitchen is lovely. Our house is too small to dry clothes anywhere but outside or the dryer. I've been going through all of our photos, letters and keepsakes that we've accumulated all these years, and seems it's all just getting bigger to me even though I'm being ruthless and culling many items.

    1. I think it multiplies in the corner when we aren't looking! It's crazy. It's getting better but does seem to take some doing.

  4. I love my clothes line outside and on mild days even hang during the winter months when in the 40's and finish them in the dryer when brought in if anything is damp. Nothing better smelling (other than Lavender) but freshly cleaned sheets dried on the line in a breeze.

  5. It is just warm enough here to start clean ups. I am out as much as I can be. We have had more rain this month than we normally have so some days it is difficult to get outside. I stand and stare out the patio doors. I am just hoping and praying that we all survive to garden again.
    Your summer kitchen looks pretty neat to me. You will feel so accomplished when you get through all the boxes, shelves etc.

    1. Oh this was when I got the summer kitchen set up. I will soon show the current state of it :-/

  6. I love your summer kitchen. It’s so spacious.

  7. Thanks Nil. I love it too. It's a much used space.

  8. That table and chairs set, is quite priceless!

    Find our center... Which I think can be home and family... Somehow, these things always become more precious, in times of trial.

    Planing and planting... For when this is over. And it will be. It will be. With so much work, to be done, in the aftermath. But strong people, will do it. We have to believe, that we are strong enough. There goes that "faith," of which you speak. -smile-

    Thank you Dear One, for doing these posts. You have a gift. Your words are amazing, and the thoughts, they convey. I don't think you were comfortable, with doing as much blogging, as some of us... Ahemmmm... Who me? -grin- But thank you sooooo much, for doing so, now.

    And this is the second kitchen-picturing post I have seen this morning! I love it!

    🌸Gentle hugs🌸

    1. There always seems to be plenty of chaos to go around. Like Faith, I prefer Eeyore - slow and steady. :-)

  9. Beautiful post, Lady Locust. I know what you mean about clutter in a smaller home. I feel the same way. I just put a load of laundry out on the clothesline. It's wonderful to feel the sunshine, and to let it do its work on the washing. I am exhaling fear, too. It takes discipline. The animals all seem to be very relaxed, and they are so in tune with life and its rhythms.

    1. I love your cottage! And your garden is so full of life. Do you still have any hens?

  10. I have been cleaning and decluttering as I go it feels good. I have decided for now the heat of the dryer is good to kill anything that made it through the washer if it did.

    1. True re. the dryer. And it sure does feel good to get things sorted and know it's done.

  11. your posts are so charming, and I love the summer kitchen. SWEET! We had our windows open yesterday, today the heat is on 1,2,3,4 cha cha cha...it was so nice to get out and about in the yard yesterday...there is joy in each day...somedays...we just have to look for it a little harder. Check out my place, I upoaded a pic of the blue hosta, I thought I threw the box out.

  12. It's raining here today too:-) We actually need it, but doesn't it feel nice to get your hands in the dirt?
    And thank you~

  13. Keeping out center...yes, so important when the things we hear day to day make our emotions want to fly in all directions. I am finding my peace in gardening and house projects. Your summer kitchen is wonderful- and that sink is amazing!I am hoping to come out of this with a lovely garden, reorganized house, and my sanity! One can always hope- he he! ;)

  14. I appreciate your thoughts on faith! We keep reminding ourselves that the greatest fear is fear itself.

  15. I love your summer kitchen. I certainly understand what you mean about projects or laundry in a small house makes it seem cluttered. You do seem to have some great storage. Thanks for sharing. I'm afraid I don't miss hanging laundry outside. Mom did that and the wasps always seemed to crawl into my pants legs.

  16. You hit the nail on the head, faith is the antidote to fear. And that's why you are keeping busy and writing about it in lovely blog posts!