Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Tonight dear friends is the full moon.
I've read of what was referred to as "Moon Beauty."
That's the beauty one gains with age
rather than the beauty of youth or the dawning.
I like that way of thinking.

There is something so beautiful about a full moon.
The soft glow of light it radiates
creates beauty of a softened nature
with it's light and shadows.

When I was getting my teaching degree,
we were once asked 
"If you were a shape, what shape would you be?"
None of us really blinked at the question,
though the few I've presented it to since then
look at me like I have 3 eyes or something.
There were some very thoughtful answers.

Some of the responses~
"A Square: I like everything in its slot.  No gray areas.
This is this and that is that."

"A Triangle: I feel like there's me, then in one direction I have my family and friends, and the other direction I have school and career."

"A Rectangle: I like everything in its slot like a square, 
but feel stretched a little."

And my response~
"A Circle: Everything moves in circles.  Circles of friends, circle time (preschool)
circle of life, circle of seasons etc."

That big ol' circle hanging in the sky last night
(to its fullest tonight)
has served as a reminder to me 
that it's all circular.
We can't isolate ourselves,
can't shut down part of an economy,
tread on part of our rights,
take away part of our lives,
without effecting 
everyone we know and love,
without effecting
every business we patronize and the workers who run it,
without effecting
all of our rights equally,
without effecting
our life as a whole.
This is not a gloomy thought, but a beautiful one.
There is a beauty in this age we have.
We have more knowledge now than at any time in history,
or. . . . as it goes, in our youth.
I am grateful for my years,
for the love of my friends and family,
my "wealth" (be it what it is:-),
my rights, 
my life as a whole.

Yep, that globe hanging there in the Heavens
amidst those twinkling stars
is moon beauty.
She's seen so much more than I can comprehend.
And yet she shines.
What an example to all of us "youngsters by comparison."
I appreciate her light and reflection
and her continuance.
We too will continue.
We might follow her example to shine our best
and radiate the love and beauty we have.
Now, wouldn't that be beautiful?

Wishing each of you a very Happy Easter
this upcoming Sunday.
I hope you find beauty in your day,
and night ;-)


  1. Such a beautiful post, my friend!!! Thanks for sharing and hope you and yours are safe and well!!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Thank you! Much health and happiness to you and yours as well.

  2. Happy Easter to you, too, LL. The full moon is exceptionally beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful post. "We might follow her example to shine our best and radiate the love and beauty we have." I love it.

  4. I love the thought of the "Moon Beauty"! I truly believe we do grow more beautiful even as our bodies age.

  5. I love the idea of moon beauty. I am glad you presented it here. I love the light the moon makes. It is difficult to stay inside on nights when the moon shines bright. Have a blessed Easter.

  6. A great commentary. Too often people think this is only happening to them. This virus is part of an overall cycle. We shouldn't be scared. We should stand together and all do our part. Thanks for sharing.

  7. (Did not see Her last night, but did, previously. -smile-)

    Not on computer as much,
    due to *achy* back.
    But reading some posts,
    And hate to read,
    Without even a tiny comment.
    Stay safe
    Stay home

  8. Well written! I think I'm a circle person too and believe that everything happens for a reason - a purpose outside of our control and oftentimes we will never know the real reason. I read something the other day where the thought was that maybe this entire virus thing is God's way of giving our earth a breather. Away from smog, and overuse of our resources. Made me stop and think!

  9. Love reading your posts. It is like getting a letter from a distant friend; you want to open it immediately and then savor it...

  10. 4/12
    Happy, Happy, Happy...πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œ

    & Please keep blogging...!!!! πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œ

  11. Back again...

    Put on your thinking cap,
    I have a question for you tomorrow.


  12. Very true things do move in circles. I feel the pull of the moon when it is full. I am restless and it makes it very hard to sleep. The tides are affected by the moon too.
    I hope your Easter was a happy one.

  13. Back with link to my Pertinent Question.

    Link to my latest post, in Sig. Line below...

    So.... What happens AFTER??????

  14. beautiful picture of the glorious moon..love looking up at the night sky...