Thursday, April 30, 2020

Mrs. Kirksey's Quilttop

 Mrs. Kirksey and I have had a wonderful time stitching together.
She's made a very nice top
that now just needs some attention from yours-truly
in order to get it quilted.

It will have dark binding - 
the same fabric as the narrow inner boarder.
It has it's imperfections,
but overall, I quite like it.
The pattern was called "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" in a 1970s
McCall's quilting magazine,
but this is not what we know as that pattern.
With the help from a couple others, 
it appears to be more of a "Kansas Dugout" variation.
I don't think names of quilts were as important in the past
or it could have been a typo or over-site at the time.
The pattern was just for the center design,
but I can't leave well enough alone and added borders:-)
It will be a full/double size.

Soon Mrs. Kirksey will be wiped down and 
returned to her cupboard for a bit of a rest.
No rest for me though.
Instead of quilting on the quilt I showed here,
I decided to put a UFO in a hoop
and work on it.
I know - I'm the only one who has UFOs calling. :-)

It will be nice to get Gracie back in her spot
and to get the rest of the space back into 
some resemblance of order.
(Feel free to do that teen-ager eye roll thing at that comment.)

Also, I am working on a post in response
to my last post - 
specifically in regards to soaps and shampoo.
But. . . I wanted to share this with you
in the mean time.

Have a beautiful day all.


  1. I'm glad to see that someone is keeping the old skills alive. Pass it on if you can.

    1. I don't know that I've taught anyone younger than me, but certainly would:-)

  2. I admire your ability and patience to quilt. I've made big square blocks and did the tie method but nothing like a REAL quilter, like yourself, does.

    1. Too kind:-) Quite the complement from someone as talented as you - thank you!

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors and the design.

  4. The quilt is so pretty. And I love Mrs. Kirksey . :)

  5. Pretty! And I like those colors. Mrs. Kirksey did welllllll!

    UFO in a hoop????????? -grin- You lost me here!!!!

    "Tra la, it's May"

    1. Oops - jargon:-) A UFO is an un-finished object. I have a quilt that had been set aside for some time - who me? (hahahaha)

  6. You and Mrs. Kirksey sure do lovely work together!! The quilt is wonderful and the colors are so restful!!! Great job!!!
    Take care and enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  7. Thank you Julie. My mom loves the colors too.

  8. Those colours are perfect together! I think, as far as the quilt pattern name goes, sometimes different parts of the country have different names for certain patterns.

  9. Hello dear Lady Locust. Your quilt is quite pretty. I love that you name your sewing helpers. My machine has been put away for a time, it will be called out of service again another time. Hope you are well and safe.

  10. I love the name "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" whether it is the actual pattern of not! That is what my hubby and I used to say when we were newly married and so poor. We would keep our money in envelopes and often have to steal from one bill's section to pay another! The quilt turned out lovely, and she is so lucky to have you to finish it out for her. If you are working on a post to follow up your last, I would love to know about how you have done away with needing trash bags. I am guessing that doing away with buying cleaning products cuts down, but what about other things? But only if you have the time, sugar!! Hope you are enjoying blissful weather there...

    1. Ah, I too have "borrowed" from a different envelope:-) We are probably more appreciative for having done so.

  11. Great colors and pattern. It is always fulfilling to complete a winter quilt. I'm very close with mine. I so love that sewing machine.

    1. How does it go? Quilting is cheaper than therapy??? (Not really sure about that - heehee) Quilting and playing in dirt are my therapies - I think you can relate for some reason:-)

  12. I like the colors of this quilt. Well done. I hope you had a good weekend. It was a lovely warm spring weekend here. Cheers.

    1. Thank you Lisa. We had one nice day and one cold day - must be spring:-)