Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Path to Yesterday

I've read that Tasha Tudor
had found the path to yesterday.
I love the imagery of that.
Just image if we could go wandering down a path
and end up in another time.
Sounds a bit fantastic, I know.
Rather like Alice in the Looking Glass and a rabbit hole.
But there's something more to it really.
It's not that far of a stretch once we are ready to see it.
And once we see it,
it's like opening a magic Wardrobe
and stepping inside to another world.
I'm not really throwing books at you:-)
I'm guessing with the mention of each of those tales,
a little spark of excitement and youth
fired up somewhere deep inside you.
As children, the thought of "roller skating" with scrub brushes
on your feet like Pippy scrubbing the floor/deck
 sounded like a brilliant alternative 
to the way we knew of hands and knees scrubbing.
Living in a tree-house or on a ship was a real possibility.
These stories strike a chord with us for a reason.
These adventures are taught to us as children,
but then somewhere along the way
we are told we shouldn't give them any thought.
((( Wham! )))
The door to that Secret Garden slammed closed
and no key to be found.
What is that and how do we not see it coming?
I am as clueless as you on that one.
I can't tell you when it happened,
but I grew up to 'want' certain things that were touted as 
cool or necessary or whatever.
And after school and work and career and dragging on 
and wanting and achieving and wanting more and. . . .
hang on a minute.
What is that?
I don't even like that.
I don't like how I feel.
That's not what I want.

What?  What's wrong with you?
Everybody wants the latest whatever.
It's progress, and progress is good.
What do you mean you don't even like it?
It's sooo cool!
And that's when it clicks - right then.
Nooo. . . not cool.
How did I get here?
How do I go back?
And so we begin looking.
Quietly at first,
until we find a little deer trail,
then a partially overgrown foot path,
then a real way.
And that's it.
The way.
It's the path to yesterday.
And that little bit of excitement that sparked above. . . 
when you remembered~
it comes alive and flares up.
And when you finally see the way,
you want to run like a happy 8 year old
back to where/when you know it was right
or at least better.
At first it's almost like fleeing from something.
But around every turn of the path
is magic and excitement
that feels good and healthy and alive.
And gradually that fleeing sensation subsides
and falls away to a seeking of a different something.
Just like each new page of the storybook,
each day is met with anticipation of possibilities.
It is a wellness.
And then, over time,
there is a peace,
a knowing.
The anxiety of being pulled along in the channel
with all the others is a dull ember
easily squelched.
That's what Tasha had,
the peace and knowing.
Only she didn't let herself be pulled into the channel
in the first place like most of us.
I think that's part of what was so admirable about her.
She was a flawed human like the rest of us,
but she knew the way.
She had found the path to yesterday.
I have a feeling she had also been down a rabbit hole,
beyond a wardrobe and up a tree.
So when that excitement sparks,
maybe don't try to squelch it.
Go ahead and let it flare up and see where it leads.
You just might end up in a fantastic place and time.
Just watch out crossing that channel.
It has a powerful undercurrent.


  1. Lovely, lovely post.

    So full of Wisdom.

    And of asking the right questions.


    1. Thanks Wispy! Not sure where it came from, but sometimes there is just a path and we have to follow it:-)

    2. This strikes such a chord with me! I've always said that no matter how old I am, I still feel 12 years old inside. I can remember exactly the wonder and excitement, the mystery and joys. My cousin and I actually stood inside every single wardrobe in my grandmother's antique store, knocking and patiently waiting for one to be that portal we dreamed of. Though never ever opened, the moments were still filled with magic. It is truly a blessing to turn your eyes away from what the current world deems desirable and worthy of yearning. All of it seems so hollow! But to turn back to the ideals and dreams of a time when our hearts were simpler...it brings so much joy and peace!

  2. I believe it's good to travel there at will. I'm not sure if it's wise to always live there.

    1. I guess I just think it should not be forgotten:-)

  3. Actually believe I'm NOW living yesterday because I'm not to pleased with some of 'today' and think in the past. When I was a kid and visiting my grandparents, no plumbing except a pump there was a wonderful simplicity and closeness. I remember my grandfather leaning over to listen to Fibber Maggie and Molly, The Whistler and all the other radio shows. They were so perfectly described you could envision the video in your mind.

    1. Ha - Love it! I had to hop over and listen to an episode of FM&M for hoots and giggles. Innocent comedy is so refreshing. Also, love the ads.

  4. What a beautiful post and so true! I've been there and done that and when the world overwhelms me I "pretend"....another thing we've forgotten how to do. When the housework and maintenance seems overwhelming I pretend I just inherited this house and just moved in and have all these treasures to sift through and clean like Snow White! I remember hearing a say once that has stuck with me...."you should always return to the place of your greatest happiness". Mine was my childhood summers spent with my mother's relatives in a little Illinois farm town. I'm still trying to get back there! Not sure if I'll make it but I can create that feeling and that atmosphere right where I am. Yes, I too wasted many years following the world's "rules" but not anymore. Take care!

    1. Thank you SIA. I'm enjoying the memories it's conjuring up:-) What a great saying.

  5. Beautiful photos. Yes, it's so important to stay on your soul's path. The heart knows the way...

  6. Wonderful post. I couldn't agree more.

  7. May 9...

    OT... (Off Topic)

    I would not "laugh" at you, for not being able to make a new Profile Picture, my Dear. Re: your comment on my blog.

    I love your blog look and Profile Picture. They are lovely, all year long.

    And just because I have _fun_ with all-things-blogging... Does not mean, that everyone has to!!!! It just make a fun topic, to ask about. And fun topics, are eluding me, right now. -sigh- and lol

    Happy Saturday!!!!!!

  8. I enjoyed your post immensely. I always loved Tasha's art, pictures and writing. We all should grow so wise, if we are lucky and keep on the right path.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it~ wisdom is too late gained and too soon gone as the saying goes:-)

  9. I have collected her books for awhile. I don't think I could live like she did. But simple is better for me. This stay at home has been good for me while I work my mind has always wandered home during my day. I have not been bored I have plenty of interests. I just miss those I love.

    1. I think I agree with every line you wrote~ kindred spirits :-)

  10. Eloquently put. The sad thing is that so many people never figure this out. Or don't realize they can look for another path. May this encourage many.

    1. I hadn't really thought about never figuring it out - sad indeed.

  11. Lovely & thought provoking. I'll have to read up on Tasha.

  12. I think that's why I love being the woods so much. It takes me back to that time when everything was magical.

    Thank you for sharing these sweet thoughts!

  13. A beautiful post! I love Tasha Tudor, I have all her books. As soon as I saw her books many years ago, I knew that was the life I wanted to live. But as you say, society is very quick to tell you that isn't 'normal', that isn't the way it is nowadays, and that you must conform. It is very hard to stand out from the crowd and go your own way. I am still a work in progress in this regard. But your post reminded me that there are others like me! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Tiny T. for your sweet words and so glad as I found your lovely blog as well:-) And welcome aboard!