Tuesday, May 24, 2022

But It's a Good Tired

 You can find me in the garden ~

Well, this is a garden too, heehee.
Where to start?
I guess by sitting down for a moment.
I've been on the go.
Between work and regular home activities like
cooking and cleaning, etc. in addition to
getting the garden in and trying to clean up after winter,
it's been fun.
The summer kitchen is a hot mess.
I've somehow amassed a collection of items that require repair.
How does that happen?
I have just about everything planted.
I think there is one cuke waiting for me.
We've been eating radishes, and the lettuce is looking promising.
We have new planter boxes this year.
They are now all planted, but you wouldn't believe 
what it takes to fill each of those things.
Photo bomb curtesy of Ness as well 
as wood chips from filling the bottom half of each one.
I have a huge pile of pots to scrub but that's another story.
This past weekend,
we hiked 9 miles and equivalent of 74 flights of stairs.
We went back to our old hunting ground
which is where the first photo was taken.
We were looking for morels.
We didn't find any, but found 7-8 lbs. of calf-brain mushrooms
which are Hubby's favorite so he's happy.
We've been fortunate so far this year.
It's been a mild spring, and we've enjoyed occasional rains.
Last year, it seemed like the sun came out from its winter's nap and turned to triple digits immediately.
So, we are thankful everyday of this real spring.
This isn't a long post, but I wanted to let you all know
what was going on around here.
I need to snap some real pictures with or without 
feline assistance and share what's growing.

I am having troubles leaving comments on blogs.
It says I need to sign into Google
which I am already signed into.
If I click on the button to sign in, 
it takes me back to the home page of my blog.
For some there is a drop down, and I can type my name and url.
Others won't let me at all.
I might try unfollowing and re-following 
to see if that does anything.
It really is discouraging.
If any of you know of a fix, please share in the comments.
It seems like there is something in privacy settings
that needs to be switched on,
but I can't remember what.


  1. I looked up morels and half-brain mushrooms to see what they look liked. I've heard there are safe mushrooms to eat but would be scared to death (truly) to pick anything and eat them. So I'll buy mine thank you.
    Wow, is all that land yours? beautiful and green. Oh, Ness just wanted to help you out, lol.

    1. Nope, not all ours. First pix is mostly forest service. The pictures with the planter boxes are neighbors. We haven't found a place since selling our place up the mountain so currently renting (1st time renting since 1994😂).

  2. I love morels, but I have only found two the 20 years we've been here. I will look up calf-brain mushrooms although I am a tad nervous to see what they look like. The planters look fabulous!

  3. I am so sore lately that has me going to bed with a heating pad a tea. I have planted and pulled weeds for days, but I believe it is done for now (except the weeds) it really is a good feeling. I did not plant any where near the flowers I usually plant the prices have me cutting back. I am so looking forward to fresh veggies. Blogger has been giving me fits lately. I have no idea how to fix your problem.

  4. I used to plant a garden and enjoyed it so much. But now that I've gotten older (did I say that?) it's just too much work for me- For a few summers, I joined a CSA farm, but even that was too much picking out in the fields and I it was never enough or the right produce that we wanted. Regarding posting comments, I am having the same issues and it is very frustrating. The only way I can comment now is with typing in my name and url every time I post. I have the same issue with the Google sign in. I don't know why they changed everything.

  5. Calf-brain mushrooms - never heard of those (wonder if maybe they aren't local to our area). Morells though....yum! Can't remember when I last had a chance to eat them though.
    Sorry I can't be of any help when it comes to the commenting issue - I've noticed it too and don't know what to do about it. I've also noticed that if I leave it a day or two it seems to go back to the way it's been so perhaps it's just a momentary hiccup?

  6. p.s. - just asked Resident Chef if he'd heard of calf-brain mushrooms and he knows them as 'false morels' and he was taught to steer clear of them because they're poisonous. Interesting to note!

    1. False morels look very similar but have a single stem. Calf-brains have "multi" meaning no single stem or stock but more of a cluster looking base. He is correct though in that false morels are not good.
      PS - even on my own blog commenting is an issue, oy!

  7. I am having the exact same issue with commenting.... and have tried everything to no avail. So frustrating! On the blogs that I cannot comment at all, I find that I actually can if I use my pc. Why??? WHY??! It has to be some Blogger twitch... Gah! That first photo is stunning! I would have to busy staring at the view to look at the ground for mushrooms. We went from winter to 2 days of summer and are now in autumn it seems. Such a strange, strange, year. Lots of rain...it has rained all last night, all day today and to continue through tomorrow. We haven't even been getting to 60º...but someone said the start of next week is supposed to once again turn unseasonably hot. Yikes. Love your raised planters. I really want to get at least one, but haven't found one I like. Did you build those yourselves....or purchase them???? ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  8. Those are really nice planting boxes. I can only imagine the soil it would take to fill them. I mean a large bag of Miracle Grow potting soil goes nowhere! I love starting plants and have many to re-pot as they grow.

  9. Your planter boxes are very nice. We are planting in containers on our back deck this year. We have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs and flowers. They are all doing well.

    I am also having issues with commenting. I am not sure what has happened. I wish things didn't have to change all of the time. We get familiar with something and then it has to change.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    Teri from Simple Days