Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fixing the Commenting Issue (how to)

 It appears I'm not the only one with the issue
of not letting me comment on other blogs (or even my own!)
without being annon or typing in my name and url.
I think I got it figured out so thought I'd share.

Up here in the corner,
you should have your little picture in two spots.
Like this
The bottom one indicates I'm signed into blogger.
The smaller one above it is where it shows that I'm signed into google.
I didn't have that smaller one when I couldn't comment. 
Do you see the 3 little dots to the right of the smaller icon?
Click on those 3 dots and this drop down should appear.
When that drop-down appears, click on settings.
That will take you to the magical screen that causes the issue.
Here is where I found my issue.
My search engine, default browser and start up were all different.
I'm not sure I've cured it 100%, but at least I can be signed in now.
I had 3 different default browser addresses listed
and no search engine selected.
Then in start up,
I made sure it had the google address.
Now when I start my computer, it asks who is using it
and I can click on my image and name and it signs me in.

If I did anything else, it was on accident, and I don't know what it was.
Hope this helps~



  1. Good job gal. Maybe this will solve Robin's (Cranky Crow) issue. Hope so because I know she is becoming frustrated with her anonymous identity and so far hasn't known why it all of a sudden happend.

  2. Thank you Lady Locust. It seems to be different with different browsers - for Brave, I have to allow crossfunctional cookies for those blogs I comment on.

  3. Hmmmm.... Still not finding a fix for me??? But will keep trying. ~Robin~ (The Cranky Crow)

  4. I've not had trouble, but you've got me curious and will go look to see if I have the two profile pictures. I'm only aware of one person who told me they couldn't comment on my blog and she equated the problem to my comments being embedded.

  5. Great tutorial. It gave me flashbacks to tele-teaching and trying to help students get into Google classrooms using their school account after they hadn't used the school account for eight months. Ah the memories...

  6. Thank you for this - I'm posting a link on my blog so hopefully it will help others.

  7. I tried to see these steps after previously reading your info, but didn't see the same options you mentioned. Does the version of blogger or style of the blog play into what one should see by way of options?

  8. Thank you for the information. I've been away from blogging in part because of the issues. I had a hard time remembering when I posted today what I'm supposed to do, and it appears there have been some changes by blogger, which I will have to familiarize myself with. Hope you are well, as always.

  9. Waving hi as I make my blog rounds and hope all is well with you.