Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A Quiet Corner

 ~Hello Friends~
Wanted to pop in and say Hi.
I've had another post about ready to go for some time,
but there's something holding me back.
I don't really stress over this any more.
I just roll with it.
We are all aware there is a lot going on all around us.
Wherever you are,
make it someplace you enjoy.
When we moved into the cottage,
there was much to do as there always is when one moves.
I couldn't believe how much "garbage" there was around.
I've picked up so many pieces of plastic and glass, it's crazy.
There was/is this corner behind the summer kitchen 
to the side of the back yard.
It was a complete eye-sore.
Don't believe me?
Here, I'll show you.
(I had already begun picking up rocks.)

Once we got somewhat settled into the house,
I started in on the yard.
It's forever a work in progress, 
but it's now a usable space.
The extra asphalt from the drive was dumped here 
and not leveled.
There was a pile of river rock partially scattered.
There were several railroad ties around the place.
And did you notice the weeds?
It took a ton of work, but it's paying off.
This is as it was this morning 
with projects in process and all (no staging, haha.)
It's not yet all I envision,
but it's getting closer.
My beans are beginning to run up the bean wall
which is to the right in the picture.
By the time we get the really hot weather,
they should be up and providing shade from the west.
If someone stops by, this is often where we end up.
It's been a lesson really.
There are sooo many things I have no control over.
There are so many things I can neither change or even influence.
What I can do is take care of what I do have influence over.
I can make little changes that effect us
and those close to us.
It's a little safe-haven from the rest of the world.
It doesn't mean I'm not aware of what's going on.
It means I am aware and am doing something right here
where it matters.
That's what I can do so I'm doing it.
Is it perfect?
Is it more than or better than doing nothing?
You betchya!
If the world is making you feel helpless,
make a change you can see and feel even if it's a small one.
Then do so again tomorrow.
Soon instead of a pile of asphalt, rocks, and weeds,
you'll have a little oasis to retreat to when you need a break.
You'll make a change.

Take heart and be well dear friends~


  1. I absolutely love your post today. It hits the spot to all my thoughts and worries these days. We can't fix the world; but we can make a space for ourselves to help get us through the hard days. Your remodel of that space is amazing; truly beautiful and I would most definitely find peace and a calmness. (I have that exact table and chairs on my back patio. Mine is in need of a little paint; but I still love it. We have an umbrella for our table.) You have so much to enjoy and look forward to with your plants and flowers that will only grow prettier as the summer days pass us by. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know I feel better already.

  2. Wow, what a transformation and your little piece of heaven! It looks lovely and congrats on your achievements.

  3. A lovely place for a retreat or a visit yes one rock at a time. It is a timely post for me I have a few days of patience even if I didn't think I had it in me to be patience one more hour. I can only control me and what is happening with me. Making the best of it all.

  4. Thank you Lady Locust! This is encouraging to me. You’ve made beauty from homely and have benefited.

  5. What a glorious transformation! And what a wonderfully empowering post. Yes, very timely. The wretchedness of the world and its goings-on these days does make one feel helpless because there is little "control" in our hands at this point. But by taking care of or improving our little lots in life in any way we can gives us a portion of control back...at least in our corners of the world. Depression and despair thrive on feed inaction and inaction, in turn, allows that despair to thrive. Your plants look like they are thriving.... Please share photos of your "bean wall" as it progresses. I am curious. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  6. What an amazing difference in your before and after shots. Your hard work is paying off! That's so very true about focusing on what we can improve, rather than things we have no control over. Peace of mind is something to be nurtured and treasured.

  7. So very true, and how I generally look at the world. You did a lovely job on the makeover, which obviously took a bit of work. Glad to see a post from you.

  8. Your words "What I can do is take care of what I do have influence over" resonated with me. That's all any of us can do, no matter what the area of our lives might be.

  9. You would be granted instant membership in our "Master Gardener" club here in Alabama based solely on this post ! Beautiful !!!

  10. I'm enjoying my little place more than ever, I venture out to transport my son to work, and grocery shop, always happy to be home. I'm in the world, but not of it anymore.It is unfamiliar and unfriendly now. And as you say, I can only take care of my business, and what I have direct control over. Let them have it, whatever it is.