Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A Porch Swing

 Perhaps old age is creeping up on me.
Though I typically have enough energy
and am plenty healthy,
I've found that I'm okay with not rushing.
I've never been the Tigger of the group,
and as some of you know
have a preference of Eeyore~
so much more my speed even as a youngster.
We have been on the go a lot lately.
We've had multiple family events,
both joyous and grievous.
All serve as a reminder that life is circular,
and we should revel in each day we are given.
Time at home therefore, has been precious.
Last night as I was looking at the few things left
to be put in the ground,
Hubby asked where the broccoli was.
When I replied that I hadn't planted any,
I was met with that sorrowful expression,
"But I like broccoli."
This morning as I was running errands,
I picked up a six-pack of broccoli plants.
I'm not sure where I will put them,
but I will find a place.
My garden outlook is a little different this year.
I am usually rearing to go by garden season,
but not having a real winter break,
I've been a little slow starting.
As I dig and weed and plant, I also think.
We aren't meant to rush through just to finish,
for a garden is never really finished.
My little apple tree that is maybe 4' tall
has 9 apples on it so I've been watering it well.
The weeds I pulled last week seem to replace themselves
before I make it back through.
Just as we think we are to maintenance mode,
harvest will begin and canning season will ensue.
And this is where that porch swing comes in.
We can produce a masterpiece of a garden~
I said "We" like mine is part of that.
I'm a funny one, am I not?
Regardless of what we've created,
we need to take a moment here and there
to sit and absorb all that we've done.
There is health both in the creation of a garden
and in being emersed in it.
My mock oranges are blooming and smell so sweetly.
The honeysuckle is waning but the hummingbirds
have been enjoying it's blossoms.
I fed the first ripe strawberries to Hubby last night.
They too share their sweet aroma with us,
but we must make that brief pause to appreciate it.
It doesn't take long~
but the benefit gained is remarkable.
I headed into this Monday much more at peace
having spent 2 days mostly barefoot digging in the dirt.
If you are unaware, 
being barefoot in the dirt has its own health benefits.
I will leave you to research that and
won't mention making mud in the bathtub in the evenings.

Whatever you have for a garden,
pour a cup of tea,
take your seat on that porch swing,
and enjoy the beauty of the day.

I don't have a porch or a swing,
but we have a couple chairs we drag around to the shade.
They serve quite well.


  1. Ahh, very well spoken, and I LOVE EEyore, I identify with that little darlin. We've had no rain for 16 days, I'm out there watering and being grateful that my little plants survive. I have my new to me vintage glider now, and when it's shady I sit on it and rock back and forth, we don't have a porch either. The outside is our porch.

  2. I used to be a Tigger...and am fighting the Eeyore that has taken over my body and mind...but I know I need to accept that is my life now. I have not planted much...and know I will scramble looking for my beloved herbs at least for I cannot bear to be without them. I, too, like grounding myself by walking barefoot on the beautiful earth. But you never saw a Tigger rug so fast for their shoes as when they stepped on a much-too-large-to-be-real snake. They are everywhere this year. We always have them, but this year they are on the ground, in the bushes, in the trees. Last night they were in my dreams as well. Anyway, I digress. Your photos are beautiful...and I am looking forward to watching your garden grow. ~Robin~

  3. A lovely post life is a circle. I try to every morning and night to just sit and be thankful. I do have a porch and a swing that I am very thankful for. We do a small garden and I am down sizing our flower gardens. Just keeping what I love and letting the rest go.

  4. I am so sorry you don't have a porch swing. I usually go a hundred miles an hour, but I learned a long time ago it is all for naught if you can't sit on the porch relax and enjoy. I am glad you took your time and was still able to get your garden in.

  5. ”I’ll be a monkey’s Uncle”. I didn’t realize the health reasons for walking barefoot in the dirt. Last time I walked barefoot outside in my yard I got stung by a bee. But have walked barefoot many a year before.


  6. I have a glider. It is so relaxing to feel the movement back and forth in the front garden. That was nice of you to plant broccoli for your hubby. I know what you mean about being barefoot. It makes such a difference in our body's energy.

  7. I love Eeyore and certainly identify far more with him than I ever did with Tigger. I've always wanted a porch swing but there's no room on the balcony we have now, not if Resident Chef wants to do any small amount of 'gardening'.

  8. What lovely thoughts...thank you for sharing them. One of my favorite quotes is, "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." It's hard...we get wrapped up in it all, trying to keep up with others, trying to catch up, I often say, not enough hours in the day. But it is so important to just breathe...sit and look at what we have done, and enjoy it. Thanks for the reminder, Mary

  9. Beautifully written. I think you found me via the Cranky Crow. I didn't see me on your following list, so add me please ! I have added you !