Tuesday, August 1, 2023

A Leap of Faith

 Hello Friends.
I know I've not been present very often around here,
but there is a reason.
I've been struggling.
We are both fine as far as appearances go.
It's been the internal "stuff."
You know "stuff!"
With everything going on in the world around us,
some thinking the world is coming to an end
and others choosing to live in ignorant bliss.
I am neither of those options so have struggled.
After 10+ years of chatting about canning green beans,
chickens in the house, and the annual cycles of the home,
I guess I've not felt the urge to repeat myself.
You can see the canning of corn if you'd like
or what we've done for certain holidays.
I've not discontinued doing any of that.
Well, I don't currently have chickens :-(
I still do my regular life activities,
and continue to recognize the many blessings
all around.
We're currently in blackberry season
so Hubby has been enjoying them on his ice cream,
in cobblers, and next up is hand pies.
But I digress. . . 
So the struggle, yes I that's where I was.
I've been searching internally.
Over the past several months,
I've really tried to figure out what it is I feel led to do.
I've always enjoyed helping people.
I realize at times some folks don't want help,
but the Mama Bear in me just instinctively takes care of people.
As many of you who have been around here know,
things haven't always been easy.
Over the past couple months,
we've encountered a few different folks
who we know and care about 
who are stuck in their situations due to debt
and financial hardships.
These are good people who work for a living
and are still struggling.
Some of you also know, 
I have a degree in teaching.
Even when I was in the schools,
there were things I thought those young people needed,
but the information wasn't offered.
There were so many things offered:
cake decorating, yoga, even basketball class!
but there weren't any classes on how to manage finances
after high school.
Now please don't think I'm blaming young people.
It's my generation that's failed to teach them.
And sadly, even many among my generation are struggling.
I've lived through a few trials to say the least:
single parenthood (with no support for about a year)
while going to school full time and living in a garage
was the toughest.
I managed.
I didn't take any government assistance.
I worked.
Even after Hubby and I were married,
we got it worked out so that we were living on my 
meager income which allowed us to save enough 
to open our business which is where I now work.
I'm not saying any of this in order to "brag."
I'm saying it as encouragement.
I'm just me.
If I can do it so can others.
And here's where I'm going with all this.
In order to help others,
which is what I feel led to do,
I started a YouTube channel.
It's a pretty big deal for me to be on screen
since I really prefer to remain unseen.
(How's that for a paradox?)
If anyone here is interested in tracking 
household finances and taking control of your money,
I would appreciate it beyond belief
if you would watch, like, leave a comment, and even subscribe.
I'm so new at it, I know there are rough patches,
but I'm hoping to improve and smooth things out as I go.
And with that,
here it is

PS: It is not letting me test to verify the video is working as a direct link here so there might be a quick hiccup as I post this.

Thank you all for your kindness.


  1. What a wonderful endeavor! I am happy for you that you are doing a channel. I am sure this will help many. God bless!

  2. Wow, your very own YouTube channel! That's huge! Congratulations! I've dabbled a bit with video and know it's quite a task to produce a nice video like yours. Liked and subscribed. I'm looking forward to more.

    I hear you about the blogging dilemma. I'm going through something similar as I seem to only be repeating myself after 14 years of homestead blogging. My new sewing room has been my answer. I'm getting it set up and getting my old fiber blog back online. It's fun to branch out, isn't it?

  3. I am so sorry you have struggled lately. What an endeavor you are undertaking. I will watch your video. And I hope you reach those that need help.

  4. Congratulations on the YouTube channel! I agree there is a void with the "younger" generation knowing how to manage money and their finances. It seems to be a time of instant gratification without appreciating the cost of that....and also that "work" is involved in attaining the lifestyle they want to enjoy. Too many simply think it's an entitlement thing. Yikes...that made me sound really old, didn't it?? Anyway, I'll take a peek at the video when I am through playing catch-up here in blogland to wish you well. ~Robin~