Monday, August 20, 2012


Just a quick post to let you know what is new.  I was fortunate enough to happen by a sale that was at the home of an artist.  I found typing paper, water-color paper, a bunch of cookie cutters, and several odds. 
The gold medals have already been removed from the board and cleaned and might become the 'pulls' for some creative bell-pulls.  I have a bit of a collection of tea cups & tea pots.  My dishes are all white (one of the smartest moves I've made) so this little sweetie just fits right in.  There were several fabrics - old small prints :)  and an antique compass that still works! 
I am still stitching on the same projects so won't bother with those, but will share with you a wonderful gift from God.  As I was looking out my front window to see how the sprinkler was doing, I spied this view.
That's mama eating my plum tree.

*One of the fawns*  I took these photos through my front window - I didn't want to scare them by opening the door.  The fun thing is - this doe and her twins have made their home in our yards.  Our neighbors (within a couple miles) and ourselves - have all been watching out for them since they were born.  They have enjoyed spending time in the middle of the road.  Either the pavement was warm for the babies or they are just suicidal.  We have 'shooed' them off the road more than once.  I hadn't seen them for a few weeks so was glad to see that all three are still kicken'.  We don't even mind them being in the yard - until they start destroying things.  It's all part of living in this beautiful place.  If I wanted a town yard, I would live in town.  We also saw a bear cub yesterday - think we spooked him.  He raced right up a tree and held on tight!  I didn't have my camera out and ready so no picture - sorry.  Just in case you are wondering, you don't try to get too close to cubs or spend much time trying to get their pictures.  Where there is a cub, there is a mama who doesn't want you bothering her cub.  It's best to leave them alone. 
Off to work on my challenge quilt - hoping to finish it up this week - will share after the show.  Until then, happy stitches and nimble fingers. 


  1. Great finds! Love the wild life, we are surrounded by nature here and often have large numbers of deer grazing or foraging. We also have a raccoon that frequents, he scratched on our back door and looks in the window hoping for a snack.

  2. Love what you are doing my dear. Thanks for popping over to the CQ blog. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to check out my other blog annettegraves.blogspot.com Hope that was ok that I put that, we gals all love to share don't we xoxo will certainly keep you around xoxo

  3. lol forgot to put the http stuff in front of my blog. xo You don't have to post this little note . Hugs