Friday, August 31, 2012

Just a Taste

I don't know if anybody else is this way or if I am just weird, but I don't like to show unfinished work.  They have been lovingly tagged as UFO's or WIP's, but I still have problems in sharing them.  It is not, however, very fair to you that I continue to say working on the crazy quilt or the this or the that and never even give you a glimpse of the project.  Sooo, I am trying to break out of my box - okay maybe just peeking out from a very small hole, but nonetheless, I am showing you a little sampling of where my efforts have been focused for the past few weeks.
I kinda feel like this some days when I look in the mirror.  She was just a fun little addition.
I shared one photo a while back of my favorite little spider.

 By now you can probably guess the theme of this quilt.  I have always wanted to do a Halloween quilt so finally got with the program and am doing it.  It's a hoot to think of the silly things to add.  I don't want it to be a scary quilt, but a happy quilt - one that makes people chuckle when they see it.  Do people still use that word?  Hmmm, I like chuckle. I will share just a couple more pictures then go get busy so I can finish it and show you the whole thing.

Pretty scary huh?

This photo isn't perfect, but you can see that it's one hot cauldron.  I can hardly wait to finish it and hang it up.  It might be up a little longer than Halloween - we'll have to see.
Have a splendid holiday weekend & until next time,
Nimble fingers and even stitches.


  1. Love what I am seeing so far!!! Your stitched ghost is the best!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your email is not available for reply so I am replying here. :-)

  2. I actually really like these!!! The stitching is SO cute! :)


  3. Looks like it will be fun, whatever it is.