Friday, September 7, 2012

The Whole Shabang!

It's probably not proper to begin a post with an apology, but I am anyhow.  One would think by my stage of life that I would have figured out how to take a strait picture, but nope not me.  I am just so good at crooked pictures:)

There is a little something to this quilt that isn't apparent at first glance.  Part of the label reads:
 In this quilt you will find,
Lots of luck of every kind.

13 Hats 13 #13’s 7 Pennies

13 Bats 13 Ghosts 7 # 7’s

13 Cats 13 Spiders 7 Winks

13 Black Pearls 13 Scary Sounds 7 Strands of Jewels

13 Black Blooms 13 Jack-o-lanterns 7 Shooting Stars

13 Brooms 13 Fabrics 7 Horseshoes

13 Full Moons 7 Keys

Okay, so the columns didn't copy and paste just right, but it's all there.  You can find all of those things in this quilt.  If you do the math, that's 218 'things.'

This leeetle guy is my mom's favorite.  She loves that he has his weee leeetle chains to go with him.  She likes the little jack-o-lantern also. I like the black blooms.

For some reason, with each quilt there are things that are just fun and things that are just a challenge.  The spiders in this quilt were a blast for me.  The brooms were my challenge.

Notice the little spider family at the bottom.  You had a bit of a preview of some of these.

You don't want to squish this spider - eeew!  Better just to get the vacuum.

I love these goofy faces.

That would be a broom key not a room key:)

So this has been the object of an hour or two of my time over the past week.  It is heading off to show this afternoon.  Wish me luck.
Until next time,
Nimble fingers & even stitches.

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  1. My friend, you are so amazingly talented! I am in love with this quilt! The kids looked at the pictures and were pointing out all the little details. Olivia is very impressed! Congratulations on your win!! I love you!