Monday, September 24, 2012

NW Quilt Expo Part II - pictures

  Okay, we returned home, and I have pictures for you so I will try not to bore you with lots of words, but will feed you eye candy instead.
There was certainly some fabulous quilting to be seen.

I, myself, wouldn't spend my time on a rooster quilt, but the use of repros and those one inch squares was incredible. (Aren't repros just the happiest of fabrics - they just make me smile.)
This one was amazing - all about four inch squares reverse appliqued by hand of course.  Wowza!

So this quilt (above) was all raw edge applique - sorry it's a little fuzzy.  I really have mixed feelings about the whole raw edge thing - in general, I don't like it.  I think gluing a quilt together just isn't right.  I know I am old fashioned anyways, but I can't help but think - how will it hold up 100 years from now.  It is an absolutely stunning quilt.  I loooove the design, just not so much the method. Hmmm. 

And this one, is sooo a me quilt.  It is machine embroidered, but striking to see.  I don't know how many of you know, but you should not always fold your quilt in fourths.  This quilt is a great example of why not.  They become permanent folds after a while.  Quilts should be refolded every so often in order to avoid this - or better yet, rolled on a large tube.

This quilt fascinated me.  I thought I read that she quilted (whole cloth) then used fabric pastels to paint it.  Mr. LB thought it was painted then quilted.  Either way, what a work of art.
There were many smaller wall hanging art quilts.  I can appreciate the work that went into them, but they are not my thing.  There was one piece that was mostly metal with about a 3" square of quilted fabric in it.  It was an interesting piece of art, but it was not a quilt.  Not sure how I feel on that one.  I like the art factor as in the piece above, but it's still a quilt.  Even the peacock (above a couple of pix) is clearly a decorative piece, but again - still a quilt.  Am I totally off base on this?  The face of quilting is changing - "new" "modern" methods that save time are everywhere you look.  I find myself clinging to the old "put it in the hoop and quilt it" method.  I am nostalgic & romantic perhaps, but even if I only finish one real sized quilt a year, I know those stitches are going to be around for a long time.  I like the old slow method.  And of course, that is the method that brings me joy - each of us needs to follow our own heart in what we find enriching to our souls.  I get and encourage that - art it seems is a fading pastime.  Let us keep it alive as it is more than worthy of the time we spend on it.
Until next time,
Nimble Fingers & Even Stitches


  1. I think all of these are beautiful in their own way, each is so distnct! :)


  2. They are beautiful, it must take so much time to sew those little squares! I love looking, and am so glad you shared. Thank you! (I found you on the Clever Chicks blog hop.)

  3. These quilts are beautiful, each one is a work of art. I love all the different patterns.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green