Monday, October 1, 2012

Trim the Tree & Deck the Halls

What? No Halloween Tree? Gasp!
This weekend, I dug into the autumn time bin and did a little decorating.  Each year, we decorate the tree with all kinds of ornaments, some homemade & some store bought, orange and purple candy canes, & black and orange glass balls.  We string the orange lights on the beautiful black branches and take a breath as we plug them in and see it illuminated against the night.  I am working on a quilted tree skirt so it won't always look quite so bare about the bottom.
A few years back, I found a set of Halloween ornaments & nabbed them as it's not something easy to find.

My daughter made this little purple spider years ago  - you know, before she was cool:-)  Actually, she would probably make it all over again today.

I made several owl in the moon (above) and the little hat (below) ornaments.

When the kids were reeeally little, they loved making chenille candy canes so of course, those will always have a place on the tree.
Oh, but we don't stop there - un uh.
There are signs of the season here.

And here.

Grampa's clock has some company.  Looks a little out of place, but so be it.
Made her many, many full moons ago.
Sweet Otis Ryan always makes me smile.

This year I have a special treat to hang above the wine rack.  If you missed that one, you can click here

I love autumn.  I don't so much care about being scary, but I love the nostalgia of the season - the games and traditions of long ago come to surface within my heart, and the crisp breeze blows everyday worries away if only for a little while. Everything is pleasant and good.  Our blessings are abundant, and we are genuinely thankful.
Until next time,
Nimble Fingers & Even Stitches


  1. So much fun decor all over the place! :D LOVING the look!


  2. I LOVE all your decorations!!!! Fun and festive, my two favorite things when decorating for the seasons!!! Your tree totally rocks!! LOVE.