Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simpler Times

The other evening as my husband and I were sitting in the living room, I commented, "I so like our picture."  This was in reference to a large picture we purchased at a yard sale this summer that now hangs on our main wall in the living room.  It is from the 1700's and has sheep, a wagon, thatched roofs, etc.  His response was, "Me too.  It reminds me of a simpler time."  Those words have stayed with me.  Autumn is usually my favorite time of year and for some reason, this year my heart feels a little heavy.  There are always a multitude of factors of course, but I have been thinking about a simpler time.  I finished my Civil War table runner this morning.  I showed you the beginnings here a very long time ago.  Well, I sat this morning and finished it.  I hand quilted it with two strands of quilting thread.  This was the project I would tote around and more than once, my mom asked, "Do you always use two strands?"  "Nope."  I also made the stitches bigger, which was a bit of a task for me.  My natural gauge is much smaller.
Here is a little better shot of it.  I enjoyed making it even though I did several other projects while this one was in the works.  I have been in the 'finish it all up mode' for the past few days.  - Better take advantage of it as I'm sure it won't stick around long, and I will want to start something new.-  I will probably be putting it in my etsy shop.  Just finished it, so it may or may not get in there today.  The real question is, "Do you know what that is it's draped over?"

It's a pie caddy.  I like to play with lumber and power tools as well as fabric and scissors:)  I made one for my mom, and she keeps part of her rolling pin collection in it until she needs it.  I made one for myself and love it.  Our neighbors have a pie party every December for the neighborhood.  It works great.  The handle makes it easy to hang onto - so no spills.  I put this one in my etsy shop, and it has had no views.  It may be that nobody is interested, or it may be that they just don't know what it is.  The only other one I have ever seen was an antique - for way back when they used to have pie socials - you know, a simpler time.  I also made a batch of apple butter.  The apples from one tree in particular are smaller, but are sooo delicious.  I watch that tree year around.  Does anybody think about things like that any more?  We were without power this morning, and I just relished in the peace.  Peace, a sound we don't hear much about.  I am finding myself reaching back in time and connecting with the past and with nature.  The leaves falling, the smell of apple butter simmering in the crock pot, and the quiet of needle and thread;  it touches my heart and lifts it up just a little.  The chipmunks are scampering to and fro and chattering up a storm, and it makes me smile.  I am surrounded by blessings and am thankful for each and every one from the caterpillar crawling up the tree to the roof over our heads, and especially for those who came before me and made apple butter, carried a pie caddy, and worked a needle.  They inspire me.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. LOVE the pie caddy! It would make a fabulous Christmas gift for someone.......say a favorite sister-in-law perhaps? :)

  2. LOVE the pie caddy! It would make a fabulous gift for someone......say a favorite sister-in-law perhaps? :)

  3. Everything you wrote speaks to me, and sounds like me.
    I love the simple. The carrier is wonderful, now I need one too!