Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cathedral Window Quilt / Coverlet

Good Morning Everybody,
I have began a project I shouldn't be working on just yet.  I have a challenge quilt due by the end of the month, and I started on my 'Cathedral Window' quilt.  Baaad me - shame on me.  I just couldn't help myself.  Our bedroom is in a sorta pumpkin spice color as well as antiqued bronze, and I am making it for our bed.  This will give you a bit of an idea what it should look like.
The ladies in Baker are making one for next years raffle which inspired me.  I love the hand work.  Nothing like having a needle in hand.  Most Cathedral Window quilts I have seen have either a white or unbleached muslin background fabric (of which it takes 25 yards.)  With such a requirement, it is easy to understand why muslin is so popular for the background.  I chose to use a dark for the background then have the 'windows' be vibrant.  I am using several background fabrics all of which are a very dark brown/black.  They start out as a 9.5 inch square. 

That is actually pretty easy - other than the mass quantity needed.  I am somewhere between half and two-thirds of the way with this step.  I think I need about 10 more yards of background fabrics.  Anybody considering making one of these, be advised: there is A LOT of ironing.  Once all of the 9.5 inch squares cut, I fold them up using an iron to become a four inch square that looks like this.
I have 97 of the 396 needed that are completed to this stage.  (that's 1/4 of the way:)  I am stacking them so I can keep track of how many I have.  I had to have some way of organizing them.  Once I get them all ironed, I will have to stitch the 4 corners together - yesss, on all 396 of them.  Actually, I am looking forward to that stage as it will mean the ironing is finished.  Then I will get to ladder-stitch them together side-by-side to create the real background for the windows.  I will probably do this in sections (as I was advised to do.)  After that (we are so in future tense now) comes the making of the windows.  I need 696 2.5 inch squares for the windows.  I have about 3/4 of what I need for those. 

I am using a variety of different prints for these as well - but all in the same color range.  You notice I am using the 'make a pile' organization method for these:)  I will be putting them in a basket here shortly as I don't want them to fray or scatter etc. while the background pieces are being finished.
Then at last, I will get to make the windows. 
They will look something like this.  The 2.5 inch square is placed in each 'frame' and the edge is folded over to create a scallop shape and stitched in place.  I can hardly wait!  I have also learned that this is actually considered a coverlet because of the fact that it has no batting.  I have a feeling that it will be plenty warm enough considering the fact that there will be 25 yards in background plus the windows over us.
Soooo, now I am off to work on the challenge piece - I really am making headway on it and am enjoying working on it.  The UFO's are calling my name.
Until next time ~ Happy Stitches & Many Smiles.


  1. I cant wait to see how this will look at the end!!! It looks fantastic already! :D


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    1. This is for a queen size bed - I now have 43 of the blocks done:)

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