Saturday, March 9, 2013

Drop Spindle Spinning

Have you ever been mesmerized by the vast knowledge
of someone and their talent?
Renee was someone I had never met & was kind enough to
teach me how to spin using drop spindle.  She showed me different 
dying products (some of which I've used on fabric:) and the
processing from a fleece to a fiber - so to speak.
She got me started with a spindle made from a couple of CDs
and a dowel and even provided me with some prepared 
fibers (both wool, but of different sorts) to get start on.
Yes, here you can see my very uneven yarn.  I was doing okay
the evening she showed me... then... I waited a few nights
before trying it again.  Aaaah- I had to re learn so the yarn
went from really chunky to pretty fine as I remembered just
what I was doing. 

 The white is really long fibers and the 'old man green' as I like
to call it is regular ol' wool.  In addition to showing me all
of these fun things, she introduced me to her spindle collection.
Oh, some of them were just beautiful.  A Turkish one that
came apart so your wool was in a ball when you were done, and
one with an ebony spindle and a wooden (can't remember what type)
of whorl.  I just love the terms as well.  They sound like words
from a faerie tale.
Anyways~ I had these clay discs that I got in a box of "stuff"
at an estate sale.  I hung onto them because they were
kinda interesting.  I thought, "I'll find something to do with them."
Well, I did.
The first I left the dowel plain, the second cherry stain, third oak, 
and last walnut.  I thought I might as well play with stain too.  
I love how they turned out.  
I haven't used them yet - I won't tell you how long
it took me to do what is on the spindle in the picture above :)
But, I am looking forward to using them.  I love the
long wool that I have started with - will have to find out
what it is.  I'm curious to see how I do with the green.
Don't you love learning 'how to' things.
I would eventually like to learn how to use a spinning wheel, 
but right now, it would be a waste of fiber.  I need to get
better at drafting (pulling the fibers to feed them into the yarn)
More words - love it!  A whole new world to me.
Again, thank you Renee. 

Until next time,
Even Stitches and Nimble Fingers


  1. That is absolutely fascinating!!!! Who knew, you can still do that! It would be fabulous to learn this skill, just for fun! :)


  2. One day you will wish you could make that uneven chunky yarn like you make in the beginning. Get a wheel because it’s a whole different way of spinning than it is with the drop spindle. I would gladly send you some fiber to play with.

  3. your creativity has no bounds, you have made some lovely spindles here

  4. You spin too! I have a wheel but have not gotten the hang of it yet, the drafting part is a little confusing. The fiber shop owner told me to pull from the middle of a piece I folded over my hand rather than try to go from one edge of it. I hope to get back to practicing soon!