Saturday, March 23, 2013


Oh, whoa is me.
(those are actually marble eggs - wish I would have bought
more when I had the chance.)
I am so ready for spring.
It's been dreary and cold and blowing sideways.
The last two mornings, we have awaken to more snow.
So while at the store day before yesterday,
I saw they had beautiful tulips.
There were yellow, purple, white, and fuchsia.
I got the purple ones.
I needed the cheeriness so they are on my table
where I can see them all the time.
So here's wishing you all a warm, cheery, and
most perfectly pleasant spring.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers & Even Stitches 


  1. Your tulip color is so pretty.
    It won't be long now! It was cold here today but spent an hour in the yard picking up limbs. My tulips are up about an inch.
    Spring begin!

  2. Oh, Man...it has just been cold here. At the base of the Blue Mountains, you would get the snow....silly cold anyway....last night we had 21 degrees and had the sprinklers going on the fruit...we will see what happens with that...the apricots are almost in bloom. The apple buds are still tight, so that is good, we have more apples than anything else. But this kind of cold affects the apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines plums...that stuff...hopefully we will have enough to can some this summer. Summer...do you think it will really come this year? LOL
    Hearts to you!

  3. the bunny has been busy!! lovely tulips, wonder if I well ever see tulips this year in the garden, so much snow here in Leeds West Yorkshire, the daffodils were starting to open so I expect when the snow goes they will have died too.

  4. Hej, thank you for visiting my blog. Lovely marble eggs (and wooden eggs in the other post). Lovely tulips. Have a nice week, lieve groet