Monday, March 18, 2013

Fixing A Flat in Heals!

I know, it sounds like a really bad redneck joke - Nope
Just a day in the life of me.
We live in a beautiful place that will look like this again soon~
As I was coming home from work this evening, it happened.
I remembered at one point in life working with a wonderful lady
that said she wouldn't know how to begin to change a flat tire.
She said, "I just call AAA."
Well, the other usually wonderful thing about living out here
 is no cel phone service.
 I was quite thankful that I grew up on a ranch with miiiiles
of dirt & pot hole roads.
Instead of helping each other to change a flat,
we would time each other.  
I think between my mom and myself, our record is 14 min.
from popping the trunk to closing it.
I can't remember who did the changing though.
Changed the tire (yes in heals today of all days) 
and am safely home.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers & Even Stitches


  1. your picture is a very beautiful place.

  2. You ROCK, Girl!!!! I am so proud of you! I changed a tire in a foot and a half of snow when I was 17...WE ROCK!!! but I was NOT in heels!
    Glad youmade it home safe and were able to get warm!
    Hearts to you,