Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hunter/Gatherer Diet & A Very Healthy Recipe

Mr. LB & I began a one month trial
being on only a basic hunter/gatherer diet.
Say what you will,
it's more difficult than you think.
We can eat all the meat, veggies, & fruits we want.
We can also have tea, coffee, & milk.
(except I'm allergic to milk so that ones out for me.)
We can also have a few things like
vinegar, sea salt, and a few cheeses.
This is not a no carbs diet, we can eat a spud,
nor a no sugars diet,we can eat apples.
It is just a diet that you would have
if you were to hunt or gather your food
(for the most part)
Hubby thought that the no grains,
white flour, & processed sugar
would be the tough part for me.
(I am Italian after all)
Oh no, the tough part is figuring out
what's for dinner.
This diet means no 'processed' foods & no chemicals!
(processing as in chemical processing)
Preservatives, artificial anything, coloring, etc.
I can't believe how many things have color preservatives 
in them - really???
Do we really need those?
Even apples have a FDA approved shellac.
We had a talk about it last night.
If we lived in the 1920-30's,
it wouldn't have been nearly the challenge.
Town for us is a bit 'rural.'
Finding something organic is almost impossible.
We have a farmers market which I have been attending.
Even they use chemical fertilizers.
Think back woods 'bigger is better.'
I figure at least it is fresh and unprocessed.

After 3 days, I told him
I was ready to say 
mixed salads for a month.
Mr. LB wasn't too keen on that idea.
He works hard and eats a lot.
His issue is getting enough calories to keep him going.
I will keep you posted.

We do have a garden,
but it's not quite producing yet.
This is the first garden in about 3 years,
so we don't have a store of home canned foods
to work off of.
Nearly everything canned has preservatives
of some fashion.
I almost leaped for joy
when I found organic kidney beans.
We had chili for dinner last night.

I will share a little 'recipe'
that I have used in lunches
rather than sandwiches.

The Mr. LB Roll-up
 6 leaves of lettuce (good sized leaf lettuce)
1/2 avocado (cut lengthwise then into 6 slices)
fresh real cheese (it's a soft goat's milk cheese)
6 onion slivers (I cut a lg. onion like a pie & use crescents)
6 slices or strips of meat of your choice.
Pepper - optional

Lay out dry lettuce leaves.  
If you have a thin slice of meat,
lay one slice on each leaf.  
If you have strips, lay it in the middle.
Next add a little cheese along each strip of meat, or
down the middle of each slice of meat.
Now add a slice of avocado, onion & pepper.
Begin rolling from the end of the lettuce that was closest to the stem.  
I just stack them in a container,
but you could put a tooth-pick through 
each one.
Makes 6
(Mr. LB tried cutting the avocados a little different this time - they were a little harder to roll up, but still tasted the same:)

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. It will be good for you if you can pull it off. Best of luck.

  2. best of luck with the healthy eating, sorry it is not for me too much like hard work!!

  3. "Sandwiches" look great! I will have to try them! I have been trying to eat this way as well. We grow organic apples, but that won't help you for a few weeks!
    good work and good luck!
    I will keep you posted on how I do!

  4. I loved this post.
    Great idea, but you really have to think outside of the box for food choices.
    Your Lettuce roll ups look VERY yummy !
    Since January, our family has been eating a mostly plant based diet.
    We love it, but it really took some getting used to - especially the "what's for dinner" question. My mind sometimes just goes blank...