Friday, August 2, 2013

Rain & prayer request


Today, I listened to the rain.
At first it was blotting
a splat here and a splat there.
The individual drops could be heard
with no particular rhythm.
Then they began to corral their talents 
and work together forming a more
methodical and consistent soft drumming.
As I continued to listen,
each drop, it seemed,
started competing for my attention 
and threw itself down 
from the heavens creating
a voluminous collision of water and earth.
Then as if exhausted from the effort,
the drops softened; 
their strength waned, 
their size became emaciated,
and their music grew fainter and lulled
until at last they were,
all of them, ... quiet.
They left only the moisture of their being
to nourish the foliage
and the memory of their song 
to nourish the soul.

Lightening started 80 fires in Oregon
yesterday & night leading up to it.
One fire fighter is lost~
They just said lost.
I don't know if that means missing
or if it means lost his life.  
My brother went on a fire last night
at 8:30 PM.
It's not him, but please pray
for that missing or lost soul.
Thank you.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. you have the most amazing talent with words, how I love to read your posts. So sad about the fireman and yes I too will pray for him and others fighting the fires.

  2. It is very sad about the fires that have been happening out West.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts at the HomeAcre Hop this week!