Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You're Not Going to Believe This: Another Singer Sewing Machine

Evidently, I collect sewing machines.
No, not on purpose.
They are like strays.
They just show up at my doorstep,
and I can't let them go unloved.
Meet Jane (as in Jetson.)
She is a 1961 Singer Rocketeer.
Sounds like a do-op group doesn't it?
I cleaned her up and
she stitches like a dream.
she doesn't have her attachments with her.
(Her luggage must have been lost on the flight over.)
She reminds me of the cars from that era-
with the fender for the light.

And check out under the hood. 
The spool holder for the top is to the left 
of the two that are spring loaded 
and pop up when the lid is opened.  
To the right is where the attachment discs are inserted 
for those snazzy stitches.
Unfortunately (somewhat) this is another cabinet machine.
That makes three cabinet machines
plus the treadle!

I won't share how many cased machines
are living here.
I am running out of room.
I think this weekend, 
I will get them all out and
try to figure out which ones can stay
and which ones I need to find homes for.
In the past,
I have sold them to 4H-ers
for $10-$20 depending upon
how much I had into them.
They are great for beginners.
They are inexpensive, and
there aren't a bunch of plastic parts
that can break easily.

I wonder if there is an adoption agency for these???

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches.


  1. That IS a neat-looking machine! My elderly mother still has her old Singer, on which she used to make so many of our clothes. I remember going to the feed store with Dad and him picking out bags of feed for the fabric they were made of, too. I had sheets, pillow-cases, pajamas and shirts all made of the old feed-bag fabrics.

  2. what a find, it will be hard to part with any of your collection, wonder if the machines manufactured today will last like the older ones, I have my doubts.

  3. You, my dear Joey Lea,
    are just an interim home for lost machines who need love. Yours is a place where they can be gently cleaned and told how lovely they are and how there is so much good in them. Under your tender loving care, they come to believe in themselves again, and their confidence in making those fancy sttches rises and they are prepared to go out and make another seamstress happy!!!!!
    But if you keep them too long, they may come to resent that feeling of having become hostages to you ......like children might!
    She is a beauty! Not sure how you'll judge which should be set free, i would be inclined to keep them all in bondage for the rest of MY days!!!