Saturday, March 1, 2014

* Hell's Canyon Oregon*

Hell's Canyon Oregon

Neither Hubby nor I had ever been to
the Hell's Canyon Damn so we decided to go.
If you appreciate rugged beauty or
if you like outdoor adventure,
this is a must. 
This is above the damn.
I think we were actually on the Idaho side for this one.
From below the damn 
looking back up at it.
Now back on the Oregon side.
In the summer, there are rafting tours
from about here all the way down to the
mouth of the Snake River.
We have been farther down river,
but had not been this far up.
This is right next to the damn - 
a visitors center.
I don't remember how deep it is,
but it is more impressive in real life
as the size of the rocks and the volume of water
are truly grand.
The picture doesn't give you a great perspective
of the scale.

The other thing I enjoyed
was the variety of rocks.
As we were driving, areas of the cliff sides
were green with copper,
or plum colored.
If you know what causes a plum color,
please let me know.
It was beautiful.
There was also metamorphic rock
that was all speckley.
(Another me word.)

It was a fabulous mini vacation -
the only vacation we've had in some time.
That evening, we went to a Gothard Sisters concert.
You might look them up on youtube if you like Celtic music.
It was all within a few hours of home.

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. this looks very barren, does nothing grow here?

  2. What a great drive! the rocks are amazing through there.
    Glad you had fun and got to go to a wonderful concert! Why didn't you tell me about it! ;)
    I love Celtic music!

  3. Looks like you had a beautiful time away.
    Your pictures are amazing !

  4. I love the Beauty of the Rogue River and it is a double - edged sword for me. It's breathe taking and it is also the stealer of breathe as my first husband drowned in this river this very month of March 2002. But it is very beautiful.