Thursday, March 6, 2014

*~*~*Hubby's "New" Toy*~*~*

This is Hubby's "new" toy.
It's a 1949 Ford sedan.
It was his great grandmothers.
She bought it & as hubby put it,
"must have just bounced off of everything."
My guess is she didn't know how to drive 
when she bought it and learned by running into things.
She drove it for about 20-25 years,
then it sat in a barn for 30 years.
Hubby bought it from his uncle about 10 years ago.
Since then it has been stored at his brother's.
We were finally able to get other projects/things/stuff/junk
out of the shop so there is room for it.
He is like a little kid at Christmas - so excited.
I told him that he shouldn't be bored for about 20 years.
It will be a complete restoration.
He decided not to take it back to original,
but to customize it.
From the outside, it will look pretty much original,
just under the hood and interior will be different.
Maybe by 2049, we will be able to go for a cruise;)

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Its a two door! It would be kind of fun to just get it running and cruise around a little bit, before the total restoration. I could bring over my new toolbox.

  2. When I was a kid, Im assembled a model of a '49 Ford Tudor (two door). Neat.

  3. Very nice....my dad restored a car one time then he sold it later. I guess he did so he could say he did ...it was nice!!

  4. Boys and their toys! This will keep in busy and out of your hair for a good while