Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Seed Carrot !

The joke in our garden is
I plant. . .God laughs.
Last year we had so many things come up from seed,
it was difficult to tell what we had actually planted.
If a spud pops through somewhere, so be it.
I leave it to grow
We do rotate what is planted in each plot each year; however,
last year we had a bumper crop of parsley - in the potatoes,
some fabulous spinach - in the onions,
of course borage - everywhere!
cherry tomatoes in the carrots and beets and so on.
It is actually almost comical that I put markers in the ground.
Yes, I still need to weed around it:)
This year, as I was wondering around out in the plots
looking and visually planning, I noticed something.
It was there amongst the weeds.
I was absolutely delighted.
A seed carrot!
In case you didn't realize, let me explain a little.
If you put an heirloom (not hybrid) seed in the ground to grow a carrot,
a carrot grows during that growing season.
Come late fall, the tops die back.
It does not "go to seed" (like our spinach, borage, and tomatoes.)
Depending upon the climate where you live,
it will either rot or keep until the next year.
This carrot actually survived our winter and is growing back.
This year at the end of the growing season,
it should bare seeds.
I put the tomato cage around it and
told Mr. LB (probably a little too often) to watch out for the carrot.
I have wanted to try to over-winter a few carrots for seeds
every year we've planted them.
Buuuttt, they are so delicious and never seem to be in a good spot.
This one is definitely not in a great spot,
but since the good Lord let it grow, I ain't a'stoppin' it!
I will have to let you know come fall, if it bares seed.


  1. Love this! So much fun to see what pops up when you plant a garden.

    I was just looking over my mulch pile today to see what volunteers I have springing up. I had one plant that I just am not sure about. Can't wait to see what it looks like as it develops a bit more.

  2. I so like the way you have described your garden it must look great with veg etc popping up all over the place

  3. There are few things as beautiful as seeing growth in something that was planted in the ground :)

  4. That's so great! We used to have potatoes pop back up but I was never successful with carrots. I think my soil is not good for them but if I have hubby make a box I would try, Enjoy your carrot!!

  5. What fun! Experimentation is half the fun of gardening. At least I think it is - I've never been much of a gardener because I have too many allergies. I can help plant and eat the results but the in between stuff I had to leave to my DH. Fortunately he loved to garden. Now we're in an apartment and our gardening is just a couple of tomato plants and some herbs on the balcony.

  6. Ha, love it! Some of my best gardening moments were the discovery of a nifty volunteer I hadn't even thought about planting. I think God has a sense of humor, too.
    Have a great weekend!