Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Enough Time

It seems so amazing that every person we know 
can be busy all the time.
It's just how it is.

There's no time for this and no time for that.
The number one reason for not doing any given task is,
"I don't have enough time."
"There's not enough time" is a cliche in its own right.
I would like to share a little phrase that has helped me tremendously.

We always seem to have one or two larger projects and
several smaller projects going on around here.
When life throws a monkey wrench in the works,
it can get a little interesting, exciting, let's be honest - chaotic.
I know we are no different than many others as far as this goes.
It can get more than a little overwhelming for someone (me)
who likes order.
The phrase I learned?

"I have just enough time to. . . "

That's it.

It turns your brain around.
The brain is amazing.
It will jump ahead and fill in the blank.
So if you are thinking, "I don't have time to. . .,"
your brain will barrage you with the never-ending list of huge tasks
that take long hours to complete.
Likewise, if you say, "I have just enough time to. . .,"
your brain will also fill in the blank.
I have just enough time to  - get the coffee ready for morning,
just enough time to fold the towels,
just enough time to read my daily devotional,
just enough time to bring in some wood for later.
Whatever it is, it helps.
It's one more thing done or moment spent in a valuable way.
All those little 2-3 minute tasks make a huge difference
in the functionality of the home.


And one more thing about it~
I typically work well off a list, but sometimes 
the bigger efforts are difficult to break down into a doable sequence.
This little phrase seems to help in that area as well.
I have just enough time to - measure that board,
time to gather the tools/supplies, etc

Good job brain!
(I need to encourage the poor little thing so it won't quit on me.)
Maybe give it a try and see what you think.


  1. I am going to try this! It sounds so simple, yet the results are so profound. Love it!

  2. You're right, thinking of an entire task can be too much but broken down they are manageable.

  3. I think you have something there! Definitely going to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like list. I also agree that breaking down bigger jobs into smaller jobs helps. I try to remind myself any progress is better than no progress.

  5. there are so many things I want to make do etc but as you say time is the problem, I must own up to neglecting the cleaning sometimes to make a quilt etc! just as well I live on my own