Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pullet Eggs and Antique Egg Scale


The girls have been clucking like they have laid an egg,
but no eggs have actually been produced.
When I hear them,
I tell them they have to lay an egg to cluck like that.
So, one of them actually listened to me.
(I'm sure that's what it is.)

I've been checking for good measure.
And to my surprise, evening before last when I checked,
there was a treasure in the nest.

It's been a few years since I've had chickens,
and I missed them.
My friend Shirley used to love the pullet eggs.
She said they were just the right size.
Here you can see on my antique egg scale
that it doesn't even register as small.
Actually, it barely brings it up off the black line.
Yes, the scale works just fine.
It's another of those items that was built to last~ 
(like this and this)
If you have laying hens (or birds for that matter) 
you might keep your eye out for one.
I've only ever found one other.
It was the same as this one but completely rusted, and
I'm not sure if it worked.  Cost $45 = Not interested.
They are handy as the size of the eggs produced increases.

These hens have been "good girls" for the most part.
Though, I do have to remind them that chickens are not house pets.
They try to follow me in the house.
As have the lambs when they were younger.
What is it with these critters?
(Ignore mess please.  I was sorting piles to go to donation, also filled the garbage can you can see just out the door:)

We are certainly happy to be getting some "farm fresh" eggs again.
Now if the other 3 will just chip in and earn their keep,
we might be able to have breakfast.



  1. What sweet pictures - of course the chickens and lambs should be in the house (as long as it's somebody else's house...hee hee). Wonderful old scale - a definite conversation piece that is also quite useful.