Sunday, August 7, 2016

Total Garden Decimation!

This is so difficult to even write.

Last Sunday, we were called out of town for the day.
It wasn't an emergency or anything bad, just circumstance.
We did as we have been doing for the past several weeks
as far as the lambs are concerned.
Needless to say, they got loose and found the garden while we were away.
It wasn't entirely their fault or ours.
It's just what happened.
I am guessing they got their heads into the tomato trellises
and from there the rodeo was on.
The bird bath was tipped over and is broken on one side.
We had been enjoying salads nearly every day.
The beans were just ready to pick.
And the tomatoes were just coming on strong.
The lettuce, kale, chard, spinach, beet tops, and carrot tops
have all been mown.
The beans are destroyed.
There are a few that we might be able to pick and eat for a meal,
but not enough to can.
I am hoping that maybe the beets and carrots will still grow.
I will admit I cried a little that night.
We both work away from home full time.
We have poured a lot of sweat and time into those four plots.
They might not be fancy or valuable to others,
but for us, it is a large part of our winter food supply.
To many, I'm sure I sound completely ridiculous.
Yes, we could just go to the store and buy food.
But our food is "real" food we believe in.
It doesn't support Monsanto, require astronomical amounts of fossil fuel to transport, or involve foreign slave labor, and it is as organic as can be.
We amend the soil each spring with the compost we have made
 from the previous year.
We believe in this food so much we are willing to sacrifice
evening and weekend hours of our lives tending it.
In addition, there is money lost - not a lot, but some.
The real money lost will be that spent at farmers market purchasing
the things that were growing right out our back door.
(Our farmers market doesn't even have one organic booth
 but is semi-local at least.)
It's really not about the money though.
It's about believing.
When you work hard towards something only to have it trampled upon,
it hurts.
I have no doubt others have stories far worse.
We are not in harms way, we have a house to shelter us, and
for all our blessings I am extremely grateful.
But I cannot lie in saying I can't wait for butcher day.

I did right the tomato trellises, and get the tomatoes upright.
I added composted chicken poo around their bases and watered it in
with a really good soak.
They didn't actually eat those so I will remain hopeful.
I also found some organic green bean seeds and planted those.
I don't know if they will have time to grow,
but I had to try.
I still believe in our real food.

We love these 3 cup jars, especially for things like green beans
that don't can as compact as things like corn or peas.
It's the perfect amount for the two of us. 


  1. That's awful. I hope that at least SOME of your garden recovers.

  2. For me, butcher day would have to come sooner rather than later! So sorry the lambs escaped and did so much damage.

  3. Taco Time! All jokes aside, we're sorry for your losses. My dad use to say..." boy,when you learn something the Hard way, you'll Never forget it." I'm sure this was a hard pill to swallow. I bet y'all will be blessed with twice the yield next year!

  4. It's horrible when something like this happens after putting in all that work.

  5. I am so sorry :( I would have reacted the same way. We have had goats not respect fences and ruin fruit trees, they weren't here for very long.
    It may just make butchering day a little easier!

  6. How I feel your heartache!! This was our goats for us! Let's say I didn't know they could fly until my hubby found them in the garden... A very large garden! Butchering day came quick and with zero regrets. Hoping you can salvage something there including your sanity! :)