Sunday, January 22, 2017

Anyone up for an Avalanche?

Oh my, it's been a crazy week!
Monday being a holiday, I didn't have to go to work.
Tuesday morning, we awoke and got ready just like any 'normal' day.
Mr. LB typically leaves about an hour before me.
He left and was right back.
He asked that I contact his boss and let him know that he would be late.
There was an avalanche right at the end of our property.
It's was about 6 ft. so he spent an hour digging through it with a shovel
so that a rig could get through.
We said our morning good-by's for a second time.
By this time it was almost time for me to go so I went out to start the bronco.
I came back in to get my lunch, stoke the fire, make sure lights were off, and all those other little pre-leaving the house for the day tasks,
when in walks Mr. LB with the keys to my rig.
He handed them to me and said, "We're not going anywhere."

The avalanche he dug through was just a little teaser.

Mr. LB standing on the first one we came to.

From on top of the first one looking down the "road."

We called the county road crew 
(actually co. sheriff since road crew wasn't awake yet.)
We also called our employers to let them know we wouldn't be in.
Then we went to take a look.
Road crew worked on the roads all day
Many more slid in the time they were up here.
By the end of the day, they had the road "passable."
Then about an hour after they left,
the big-boy slid.
So again on Tuesday, we were stuck.
They broke through it just before noon.
It was at least 14 ft. high.
Just being on the road to get the picture was eery.

 As they were breaking through.
We later discovered there were a couple more the other side of this one.
We just couldn't see them.

Just for scale.

The thing is. . .
other than not being able to go to work, we were just fine.
We manage our home/pantry etc. in such a way
that we had plenty to eat, kept the fire going, and were safe.
(Forgive me, please. "Manage" sounds so formal, but I don't really know another word that encompasses "just the way we live.")

We aren't "preppers" by any means.
But we do live in a more traditional way.
If we were trapped for an extended period of time,
we would eventually have run out of milk and cheese.
Our meals might have become increasingly "boring," but we would still eat.
For us, living where we live, living the way we live is important.
For others, living in other areas, with other possibilities,
perhaps it doesn't make much sense.
But being "trapped" is an odd feeling.
Knowing that as long as we stayed home we would be okay
was an enormous comfort.  

On a little side note:
The evening of the larger avalanche was a neighbor's birthday.
They had a party scheduled, but only the half dozen households
above the snow were able to attend.
We said a prayer of thanks for our safety, the enormous amount of food
we had there to eat, and the company of neighbors.
Two days later they spent the entire day on our road.
We now have huge walls of snow on either side of the road,
but we can pass through pretty easily.
Sometimes, the wisest thing to do is simply stay put, eat stew, and be safe.



  1. Sometimes,I'm thankful for our West Virginia hills. We may have snow drifts, but no avalanches.

  2. Yes indeed - be safe! That looks really scary and good thing you weren't on the road when it happened.

  3. I am thankful nobody was swept away. I know a fella that was trapped in his car for over an hour in an avalanche. Terrifying. Glad you are safe.

  4. It is so hard to imagine all the snow you have, it must be so very very cold and I am sure home was th best place to be. So glad you were not on the way when an avalanche happened

  5. It sounds like "staying put" was the best decision! Thanks for stopping by Colletta's Kitchen Sink!


  6. Wow, that is sure a lot of snow! So thankful no one was driving on the roI imagine it probably does by the looks of those hillsides. Isn't it a great feeling to know that you had plenty of food and no real reason to leave, other than to work. It is wonderful to be so prepared. Hugs to you today :)

  7. Wow that was a lot of snow! I love your blog, Wendy (aka Emeline). Have a great day.