Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January, Seed Ordering Time

Aaaahh, it's January.

How refreshing.
In so many ways, it is just a continuum of yesterday.
The same snow sits in piles outside.
The calendar page turns once more just as it did last month.
We face the same short days each morning.
But there seems to be something more about January.
For many it's a new year,
a fresh start,
another chance to begin.
We know we don't really need a calendar to be able to do that.
But January offers just a bit of support that so many need.
Maybe it's the rigid cold.
It is upholding and refreshing putting last year behind us.
We can now look forward.
Looking forward of course is a good thing.
We can see spring just around the corner
though it be buried three feet deep with snow.
There is faith and hope.
We know it will be here before long.
In anticipation, we order seeds.
 It would be interesting to hear how others go about their seed order.
Do you have a process or just go down the list and click as you go?
Around here, Mom and I order together.
She gave me her order - just for a few flowers.
I had my list of what I want to plant, then went through the catalog
and found appropriate varieties.
We have a relatively short growing season so I watch the days to harvest.
After I have my list, I pull out my seed box.
You can see more about it here.
I then cross the seeds I have off the list.
I have been trying to improve my seed-saving skills.
The more I do this, the fewer seeds I will need to purchase.
After all that, I place my order.
Now I just have to wait ~ first for the seeds to arrive,
then for spring.
January indeed brings hope 
and great anticipation for the upcoming growing season.
In the mean time, we will just keep shoveling snow.
This picture is from last week - looking out our kitchen window.
We've had more snow since then.
Now we can't even see the car.
This weekend, we will probably hitch up to it and pull it out
since that can't be good for it.

It's January~ Keep Safe and Warm.



  1. I love making plans for Spring, especially on those really cold winter days.

  2. so much snow, fingers crossed we do not get any ehre. I am ashamed to say I do not plant seeds very lazy with my garden, grass and shrubs oh yes bulbs that come up every year too

  3. Ahhh the seed catalog addiction! The best cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Thanks for stopping by the Homestead Blog Hop.

  4. (Looks like you and I were sharing on the Simple Homestead Hop at the same time, so good morning!) And I love this post. Seeds, January both such hopeful things. I'm going to get Jeremy to sit down with me and plan our garden today. He wants to plan it this year, so maybe we'll grow some tomatoes past the green stage.

  5. I get together with one of my neighbors and try to seed share! I love seed catalogs---they are seriously one of my best things to look at, and now is definitely the time to start!

  6. I love when seed catalogs show up on the coldest days. I hate the drab days of winter, so seeing the bright spring and summer colors gives me an instant boost. :)

  7. Yes! This is one of my favorite winter weekend treats. I have the Baker Creek catalog next to me right now in fact :)

  8. Hello there ... thank you for the lovely comment you left me over on my blog. I am just popping by to visit yours ... goodness me - that is ALOT of snow. I am sitting here in a sundress sweltering, trying to gather the energy to go out & mow my lawns!!! Your blog is very, very lovely. Have a wonderful weekend. Julie x x

  9. Hey! We love this post so much we're featuring it on the Homestead Blog Hop this Wednesday. Hope to see you there again this week :-) Pinning and sharing!