Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gee Thanks Mom

The saying about my mom is that she could stick a pencil in the ground 
and it would grow.
Me on the other hand~
As I've said before, I plant and God laughs.
This is the carrot and beet patch.
Last year, Mom sent a couple big bags of "composty stuff."
We dumped it in this plot and turned it under thinking nothing more of it.
Fast forward to this spring.
Carrots and beets get planted - though a smidge later than usual.
Before long, there were red stalky clusters of stems all over!
Then, sprinkled here and there in their midst were plants with round leaves and purple flowers.
(Dwarf Hollyhocks)
And where one or the other of those wasn't hogging the ground, were those little white button sized daisy looking flowers that I was all too familiar with.
Mom brought up two pots of them a couple years ago, 
and they are now nearly to plague status.
So after a couple wheelbarrows full of pullings, 
there is at least a little room of an occasional carrot or beet 
to eke up through the earth.
I planted two types of carrots.  One did significantly better than the other.
I will be pulling the rest of the flowers, because I don't want them 
seeding here in the garden.
I know it might already be too late.
They really are pretty - just not in the garden plots.
I'll be sending this picture to Mom with a big ol' sarcastic Thanks!
It really is okay and not disrespectful.
We harass her about her jungle preservation skills on a semi regular basis.
Lesson learned, dump "compost" from Mom someplace I want flowers.


  1. Those plants all reseed very well. I have them all over my garden, too. I actually separate the amaranth seedlings and transplant them. I think they are so beautiful, and they can tolerate the extreme heat. Hope your veggies are a success. I find that compost tea helps a lot.

  2. I assume you realize that amaranth seeds are both edible and nutritious.

  3. Moms are the best! My mom is great with plants too, me not so much!

  4. oh dear do hope your veggies will grow but seems like we are moving into autumn now maybe next year

  5. It's a beautiful little plot and I do wish your veges well, but I'd love to have those plants you pulled out :)

  6. I think I could use some of your mom's compost for my back flower garden! Our family communicates through teasing and sarcasm. So, I totally get teasing your mom. ­čśë