Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hidden Treasures

Just a few posts back, I shared about our decluttering of not just the house, 
but the shop and yard as well. 
I've since been working in the shop to try to make it 
a bit more manageable and functional. 
In doing so, I have discovered more to eliminate - good grief!
But it really is good. 
I've taken 3 car loads to donation and have one more trip to go. 
I've also made a pile to go to the dump - ugh!
The good news is that among the "stuff" I've been sorting and cleaning,
I found them. 
Not that they were really lost, just forgotten. 
These two cast iron pans have been out in the shop since we moved here. 
I took a wire wheel to them, then some hot soapy water,
then seasoned them well. 
One is 6 1/2" and is marked with the number 3 on the handle. 
The other is about 8 1/8" and is a number 5. 
I don't know the maker, but both are stamped "Made in USA."
We love cast iron!
So why was it their fate to sit in the shop for 16+ years?
That's what clutter does. 
It gets in the way of life's simple joys. 
I guess that's part of why it feels better once decluttered. 
There are many other little simple joys that are being experienced,
not as cool as the cast iron ones of course, 
but joys nonetheless.  
We like so many others are finding our way out of the excess,
and it sure feels good. 


  1. Oh, nice! I love cast iron pans. I bet you are going to get a lot of use out of those, they are such good quality. I'm glad you found them.

  2. My wife insists on using the cheap, poisonous non-stick pans from Walmart. She insists on washing her cast iron and then complains about it sticking. Some folks never learn.

  3. I love cast iron pans. And lifting them is a good exercise for my muscles.
    Do you think your pans are Lodge? It's a good brand and Lodge has been making cast iron pans in the USA since late 1800s.

  4. what a find, though the weight is not good for me as I seem to have a touch of dropsy these days and if that fell on any of my toes ouch it would hurt! You have certainly shifted lots of finds to charity shops etc it is amazing how to keep things we never use but are loath to part with thinking well maybe one day I will use it

  5. I need to declutter too, Good for you!!

  6. I love my cast iron pans....
    thank you for sharing your decluttering post, I need some inspiration :)

  7. I love decluttering also! Looks like you scored in rediscovering those pans :) Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop